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Did You Know CPC Strategy is a Premier Partner with Google and Bing?

With 10+ years managing product ad programs, CPC Strategy is honored to be recognized as an Official Google Premier Partner & Bing Elite… > Read More

amazon on google shopping plas

Is Amazon Now Your Biggest Google Shopping Competitor?

You’re not imagining–Amazon listings are flooding Google Shopping Product Listing Ads (PLAs). If you’ve been paying attention you know that Amazon isn’t new… > Read More

google merchant center auto item update

Get an Email About Automatic Item Updates? Here’s What Google Actually Means

Yesterday, Google sent out two emails to their Google Shopping Merchants, both referencing something called “automatic item updates.” Everyone on the Merchant Center… > Read More

google merchant center new feed

Google Introduces a New Merchant Center Feed Experience

The product feed is often one of the most overlooked aspects of effective product advertising due to its technical, often tedious nature. Despite… > Read More

data management platform

The Retail Guide to Data Management Platforms

In a world where online ad opportunities are growing at lightning speeds, data management platforms have become increasingly important. Not only can data… > Read More

google shopping vs bing shopping ads

Google Shopping vs. Bing Shopping Ads: How are They Different?

If you do a search for “Google vs Bing” online, you’ll find plenty of articles with aggressive titles like “Search Engine Showdown” and… > Read More

google shopping product feed optimization

8 Google Shopping Product Feed Optimizations You Should Make Now

Optimizing your Google Shopping feed? Read this first. Not only could these Google Shopping feed optimizations help boost your visibility on the SERP,… > Read More

NTX Tools Increases Overall Online Transactions 120%

Founded in 1994, Network Tool Warehouse is one of the leading providers of automotive, industrial and DIY tools in the nation. They offer items… > Read More

view-through conversions

View-Through Conversions Now Available in Google Shopping

According to Google, the “View-through conversions” column tells you when customers see, but don’t interact, with your ad, and then later complete a… > Read More

google shopping countries

Expand Your Business to Other Google Shopping Countries

Expanding to other Google Shopping countries poses a vast opportunity for businesses to expose their products to new markets and increase sales. However,… > Read More