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The Little Known Video Secret to Increase Online Sales for Q4

Haul Videos blew 2013 away, and are poised to continue to impact online shoppers and videos for the 2014 holiday. This year on Youtube viewers have watched over 5.6 million hours of haul videos.  Haul Videos, which have been featured by web bloggers since… > Read More

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7 Q4 Musts from 30 Year Holiday Retailer Veteran

This month I had the opportunity to sit down with a retailer who has been eating and sleeping Christmas for over 30 years., an ecommerce ornament store has been around almost as long as Amazon, and knows a thing or two about… > Read More

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eBay vs. Amazon: Winning Online Retail Strategies

This is a guest post by Angelica Valentine, Content Marketing Manager at Wiser, the leading pricing intelligence suite.  Amazon and eBay are two giant platforms that online retailers use to maximize reach and sales. eBay is solely a marketplace, but Amazon also doubles as… > Read More

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How Can I Get More Traffic & Revenue on Google Shopping? [Video]

Google Shopping accounted for an average of 20.19% of overall site traffic and 18.75% of overall revenue during Black Friday weekend 2013. Are you taking full advantage of Google’s traffic this holiday season? Get More Traffic on Google Shopping Ready to maximize exposure… > Read More

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This Week in Retail Search News 10/15/2014

Retail Search Weekly Recap Leading, Reliable, and Updated News on Retail, Digital Marketing, Tech and Ecommerce Every week CPC Strategy rounds up the leading Retail Search news on Google, Amazon, Mobile, and other leading verticals in one convenient article. Retail Search News… > Read More

Google 2014 Holiday

2014 Holiday Shopping Calendar from Google

Google released a 2014 holiday shopping behavior study this week, highlighting consumer actions centered around cross-device and proactive holiday shopping. Google’s Holiday study noted that this year, “people are shopping earlier, using online video to help with research, and turning to smartphones as… > Read More

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5 Challenges, Opportunities, and Imperatives for Retailers in 2015

7 Retail Experts Map Out the Industry’s Biggest Talking Points This Q4, retailers will see the biggest test of all of their existing processes and newest initiatives – from IT infrastructure, product assortment, and customer analytics to in-store operations and digital customer acquisition. We bring together… > Read More

Inventory Driven Search PPC

How to Use Inventory Driven Search For Better PPC [Video]

Inventory Driven Search, or the ability to  leverage product information to supplement search marketing is a fundamental tool to increase profit and visibility on paid search. What is Inventory Driven Search? Inventory Driven Search, or the process by which advertisers manipulate data… > Read More

AdWords branded PPC campaigns

Do Branded AdWords Campaigns Hurt Your Online Branding?

Branded & Trademark AdWords Campaigns are an effective way to increase and measure brand awareness on Google. Despite branding benefits, online retailers often fear Branded AdWords Campaigns implications on search SEO, Ad cost and branding.   3 Common Objections to Branding &… > Read More

AdWords branded PPC campaigns

Do Branded Trademark Campaigns Hurt Your Cost Per Acquisition?

Branded AdWords Campaigns are a valuable tool for PPC marketers to increase online sales. However, advertisers often avoid Branded Camapaigns due to concerns about impact on their SEO, Ad Spend and branding efforts. Branded  Trademark Campaigns have proven impact for higher brand awareness ROI,… > Read More