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Why Amplifying Your Brand Assets Can Boost Sales

*This article was written by Erin Geoghegan, Senior Director (HookLogic) Product listing ads on big box retail sites are one of the marketing investments where brands are seeing the most returns, as featured in CPC Strategy’s latest guidebook, ‘The Brand Manufacturer’s Retail… > Read More


Increasing Revenue with Data-Driven Design: Q&A with Blue Acorn

Data-driven Design, Development & Optimization From budget management to communication, we discuss the most common challenges facing eCommerce design, development and optimization for retailers in 2015 with Founder and CEO at Blue Acorn Kevin Eichelberger. Blue Acorn is a Demandware LINK Solution Partner,… > Read More


The Retailer’s “Must Have Facebook Custom Audiences Cheat Sheet”

What are Facebook Custom Audiences? Custom Audiences allow retailers to reach customers they already know with ads on Facebook. They can upload a list of email addresses or phone numbers (at least 20 people) and Facebook will deliver an ad to those Facebook users. Retailers can also build audiences… > Read More


The Ultimate Google Shopping Overview on 2X eCommerce – Interview

CPC Strategy Google Shopping expert and Director of Account Management Jeff Coleman was recently featured on 2X eCommerce to discuss Google AdWords campaign strategy. is a blog dedicated to ecommerce and multichannel marketing run by the show’s host Kunle Campbell. Campbell is an e-commerce… > Read More


Programmatic Buying for Retail Marketers Featuring Katana – Course Registration

Best Practices To Succeed with Programmatic Advertising Campaigns “Programmatic” has been one of the most buzzed about terms in the Digital Marketing space in 2014 to 2015 — but how has it actually been put into practice? How are retail advertisers currently… > Read More


How Retailer, Skincare by Alana Elevated Their Google Shopping Campaign

Prior to working with an agency,, a family owned ecommerce retailer of skincare, haircare and other beauty products was unable to establish a relationship with Google Shopping. This was a huge problem for the start up company operating out of a 70 square… > Read More


Google Shopping Ads on YouTube: The Impact of TrueView on Retailers

Google Shopping Ads in YouTube: TrueView Following the announcement to launch TrueView, Google’s Shopping ad feature in YouTube videos, industry experts are encouraging retailers to take advantage of the latest and capitalize on an opportunity to get their products in front of nearly 1… > Read More


Magento Partner: Expert Insight Into Popular Solutions & Common Pitfalls

Q&A with Expert Magento Partner:   CEO of Web Solutions NYC Yitzchak Lieblich operates a unique boutique design and development agency with expert knowledge on one of the world’s most trusted ecommerce platforms – Magento. “What that means is we are experts with anything Magento related,” Lieblich said. “We… > Read More


How Big Data Solutions Can Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment

What are Big Data Solutions? Knowing how to leverage big data to drive conversion optimization and decrease shopping cart abandonment is an essential skill in the ecommerce market. Big data solutions, like Jirafe analyze every step of the buyer journey so merchants can better segment their customer… > Read More


How UGG Founder Brian Smith Turned a $500 Loan into Billion Dollar Brand

In the late 1970’s, UGG Founder Brian Smith took a leap of faith when he decided to leave his accounting career, take out a small loan and travel to California to market an unknown pair of sheepskin boots. Nearly 20 years later, the brand… > Read More