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AdWords Q4 performance

7 AdWords Reports to Improve Q4 Sales on Google

Q4 2013 saw Google paid search grow 19%, with a 15% increase in paid clicks from the previous year. Are you prepared for Q4 AdWords increases this year? Below are key AdWords reports to help you optimize and prioritize your AdWords campaign… > Read More

AdWords Q4

How to Predict Which Q4 Google Products Will Sell, and Then Sell More of Them

There are roughly 120 until the 2014 big holidays- Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukah. Still too far off to plan for your store on Google Shopping? Last year, Costco, Sam’s Club and Michaels all featured Christmas displays in August, and 40% of polled US shoppers admitted… > Read More

Sell on Amazon

4 Crazy Amazon Visuals That Will Make You Rethink Amazon, Inc is a Fortune 500 company which displays merchandise digitally from its own inventory and other merchants, acting an online marketplace for retail purchases. Started as an online bookstore in 1995 in Washington State, Amazon has grown to become the world’s… > Read More

Amazon Q4 Buy Box

Sell More on Amazon for Q4: It’s Not More Cow Bell, But More Buy Box

How can I sell more on Amazon for Q4? Last Q4, Amazon had a record setting holiday season. On Cyber Monday, Amazon shipped 36.8 million items - roughly 426 items sent per second, and in all shipped to 185 different countries. If Amazon broke… > Read More

Google, AdWords, Amazon and Q4

3 Google Shopping Campaign Levers For More Q4 Sales

Yesterday Google updated Google Shopping with the Shopping Campaigns Upgrade Tool to facilitate the August switch for ecommerce advertisers. Google Shopping Campaigns Upgrade Tool The tool helps advertisers get started with the new Google Shopping campaign structure by creating “a shopping campaign from… > Read More


A Refreshingly Honest Take on Ecommerce & The Evolution of SEO

Jo Benson is a former IBM-er, the COO of Vortx, and perhaps best of all, a delightfully honest interviewee.  Her current company, Vortx, is an ecommerce solutions suite offering everything from web design and feeds to a complete ecommerce platform - AspDotNetStorefront. Today, We point… > Read More

Amazon Buy Box influencers

Sell On Amazon: Buy Box Influencers

Retailers featured on Amazon’s buy box for product pages sell more products, so the natural question is: How can you get your products featured in the buy box? How Can You Win the Buy Box? Amazon is designed around making consumers happy. From… > Read More


5 Fatal Landing Page Errors You Might be Making

This is a guest post by James Scherer. James is a Content marketer at Wishpond, and Landing Page Conversion expert. You can contact James @JDScherer. This article will dive into five fatal landing page errors you might be making and how you… > Read More


Defining a Sophisticated Amazon Marketplace Strategy: Q&A With CPC’s Pat Petriello

When you bring up Amazon to a reseller, you can get some very polar reactions. On one hand, you have retailers with a strong dislike for Amazon – either from being kicked off their platform, issues with FBA, or through sheer sales competition. On the other,… > Read More


Google Shopping Wins Again in Q2 2014 Shopping Engine Rankings

We’ve been publishing The Comparision Shopping Report (formerly the Comparison Shopping Engine Rankings) since 2009 and continually watched Google Shopping dominate the rankings. Q2 brought a new contender to the arena, with Bing Product Ads switching to it’s paid platform last March…. > Read More