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2018 Fashion Survey: How Shoppers Will Browse and Buy Clothing

In CPC Strategy’s latest study, we asked 1500 U.S. Shoppers how and why they buy clothes online, so you can incorporate these findings… > Read More

ecommerce retail trends 2018

7 Retail Trends You Can Expect to See in 2018

2017 was a chaotic year for retail–and as usual, Amazon dominated headlines: Amazon built up an army of private label brands. Amazon became… > Read More

Powerful Tactics To Increase Sales Using First Party Data in Q4

First party data is the most valuable information a brand or retailer can collect about their audience. Not only does it tell you… > Read More

Is Bad Product Photography Impacting Your Conversion & Return Rates?

Negative Reviews. Returns. Unsatisfied Customers. Sounds like an ecommerce nightmare, right? Unfortunately, most brands advertising products online will encounter these issues at some… > Read More

Bing Updates Conversion Tracking Due to Safari’s New Intelligent Tracking Prevention

Last week, some of our clients received an email from Bing encouraging them to update their Universal Event Tracking (EUT) due to a… > Read More

How Bluecore is Redefining The Shopping Experience via Email and Beyond

How do you determine which products should be sold to which customers through which channels? Is your head spinning yet? We get it…. > Read More

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7 Lead Generation Mistakes To Avoid

Over the last decade, the web has offered up dozens of new ways to generate leads and convert customers. But with detailed targeting… > Read More

The Results Are In: Must-Attend 2018 Conferences for Digital Marketers

As a digital marketer, although you can sign up for webinars and read countless blog articles, there’s nothing quite like having that information… > Read More


The Project Management Tools Comparison for Retailers & Marketers

Multi-tasking is at the heart of any marketing director’s job description. They’re constantly juggling dozens of plates—managing 10 different projects simultaneously, all with… > Read More

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Value Beyond a Price Tag: Selling Fair Trade Products Online in the Age of Amazon

What does it take to launch a fair trade business in the age of Amazon? A lot more than you think. SLATE +… > Read More