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task management tool for marketers

Monster List of (Mostly) Free Productivity Tools for Digital Marketers

Must Have Productivity Tools for Digital Marketers   Time Management Tools for Digital Marketers 1) Yast There are plenty of different time-tracking tools out there, but Yast  is one of the best, by far.  Its intuitive interface is easy to understand and simple to… > Read More

Gmail hacks

20 Essential Gmail Lifehacks

With the holidays just behind us, many of us are still playing catch-up, and our inboxes are overflowing with out-of-office replies, holiday sale emails and urgent work messages that need attention. Below are 20 key Gmail features, tools and hacks for a… > Read More


25 Free Shopping Apps to Find the Best Deals Online

60% of mobile shoppers worldwide say that their phones are the primary way they purchase items.  If you are one of those people who shops on your phone- here’s how you can be sure you’re getting the best deal. Below are the… > Read More


This Week in Retail Search 1/4/15

Retail Search Weekly News Recap Leading, Reliable, and Updated News on Retail, Digital Marketing, Tech and Ecommerce 2014 saw major changes in ecommerce, search and how we find and share information online. 2015 stands to continue that trend, with developing search and… > Read More


8 Lessons Marketers Can Learn From Santa [Infographic]

Strong department leadership is a major indicator for department success. Below are 8 leadership qualities good management should embody to improve the productivity and success of their team: Top Leadership Qualities When analyzing your leadership, or those you work with, consider the… > Read More

psychology and selling

How Marketers Use Psychology to Sell [Infographic]

So much of language is unspoken. 55% of communication is body language, compared with 38% from voice tonality, and 7% from spoken word. Competitive marketers leverage  the nuances of language, color, and additional psychology factors which influence buying behavior to increase sales… > Read More

Retail Search news

This Week in Retail Search 12/21/2014

Retail Search Weekly News Recap Leading, Reliable, and Updated News on Retail, Digital Marketing, Tech and Ecommerce Instead of following ~50 publications on your RSS, stalking search leaders on Twitter, and scouring Google alerts for ecommerce news- tune into CPC Strategy’s weekly Ecommerce,… > Read More

2015 Paid search and Google authorship

2015 Search Forecast: 10 Crazy (Or are they?) Predictions

It’s been an eventful year for search, both with search updates and online searching behavior. Google updated search 13 times in 2014, including updates for more stringent piracy policies, and search behavior. Below are some of the most outlandish search predictions for 2015, along with… > Read More

Paid search experts, PPC

52 PPC Industry Leaders Search Marketers Should Follow for 2015

Reddit might be the internet’s front page, but Twitter is the internet’s news source. With 225 million active users, Twitter has a history of breaking news online before major news publications. For the online community, Twitter is both a source of news,… > Read More

USA Today infographic 2014 holiday

12 Days of Christmas Gifts: How Much Would They Cost Today? [Infographic]

USA Today released a fun infographic this month highlighting how much items in the 12 Days of Christmas song would cost this holiday. The cost of the 12 gifts in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” has risen 1% this year,… > Read More