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How This British Brand Uses a Multichannel Selling Strategy to Reach International Customers

Victoria Eggs’ Successful Multichannel Selling Strategy Victoria Eggs isn’t just the name of a British designer. It’s also the name of her rapidly growing brand.  (And yes, it’s her real name.) In 2016, Victoria Eggs pulled in £125,000 GBP, roughly $166,705.63 USD—a… > Read More

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How This Ecommerce Startup Raised Over 850K on Kickstarter by Investing in Community

How Ecommerce Startup Engages Community to Succeed At 8-year-old ecommerce startup Zivix, customers are more than just right—they’re valuable resources for product development and marketing. Zivix is a technology music company that built the Jamstik, a “Portable SmartGuitar”, both hardware and software that… > Read More

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6 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Successful Retail Startup Piper

6 Insights From Successful Retail Startup Piper Piper is a kids’ computer engineering kit built with Minecraft software, but its success up to this point is far from child’s play. Let’s put it this way: Piper sold 2000 units in Q4 2015…. > Read More

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Google Local Inventory Ads – New Updates for 2016

Updates to Google Local Inventory Ads Despite how emphatic online shopping in the e-commerce industry is, local spending is still alive and well. So much so that there is now, for the second time this year, another update to Google Local Inventory… > Read More

google data studio

What is the Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio: An Overview Ever since Google announced the Google Data Studio, we’ve been dying to try it out. Now that they’re offering a free version, it’s an even bigger reason to jump on the platform. The Google Data Studio bridges… > Read More


Live Chat: How to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Increase Conversions with Live Chat Unfortunately, during the buying experience, unique questions and concerns often hold people back from making a purchase. Live chat is one of the easiest ways to address those concerns, so more people are willing to buy. According to Jon Tucker, CEO at… > Read More

product sourcing

The Business Owner’s Ethical & Social Responsibility to Quality Product Sourcing

Amazon Sellers & Product Sourcing Finding new products to sell through your business is essential to company growth. Unfortunately, the process of buying products at a wholesale price, and selling them online for a profit comes with its fair share of challenges including product… > Read More

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How to Measure the Effectiveness of Branding Campaigns

Live Q&A with Branding & Attribution Experts If asked to “grow brand awareness through digital marketing”, would you know where to start? Many brands & retailers fail to effectively measure the success in branding campaigns because they lack clear goals & structure…. > Read More

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Website Migration SEO For Retailers

Retail Website Migration SEO Site migration is a process most retailers will face at some point during the growth of their business to keep up with the evolving face of retail and ecommerce. But site migration is a tricky business if you don’t… > Read More


The Pros & Cons of Product Level Ad Groups in Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping Campaigns: Product Level Data If you have a large data feed some marketers feel that managing bids at a product level is completely unrealistic, which is why many retailers segment their products based on attributes such as brand, category, product types, etc. In some… > Read More