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Optimizing Retail Landing Pages For Conversational Search

Landing Page Optimization For Retailers Sending traffic to product reviews & recommendation search queries Last quarter, Google reported a 20 percent increase in conversational search terms for “reviews”, “best” and “top rated” products. Conversational-Search-Terms “Now that Google is telling us this type of… > Read More


Product Advertising Course: Strategy for Retail Brands This Q4

Where Brand Manufacturers & Vendors Will Find the Biggest Opportunities This Holiday Season As retail brands approach Q4, it’s critical to be more aggressive and highly visible on the channels where shoppers have the highest intent to purchase. So where are brand… > Read More


Announcing Remarketing Audiences for Google Search Ads

Remarketing Audiences for Google Search Ads Google recently announced retailers can use “audiences” (previously called remarketing lists) within Google Analytics to reach their consumers on Google Search Ads, with no tagging required. Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) allow retailers to tailor… > Read More


Yahoo Pays $200 Million For Polyvore Shopping Service

Yahoo Buys Polyvore Shopping Service Polyvore, the world’s largest style community with over 20 million unique monthly visitors recently announced they will be joining Yahoo’s network. Yahoo anticipates Polyvore will accelerate Yahoo’s digital content growth strategy across the areas of social, mobile and… > Read More


Google Shopping Course Registration: Innovating Your Strategy for Q4

Innovating Your Google Shopping Strategy for Q4 Google Shopping consistently proves itself as a top-performing advertising channel for retailers during the busy Holiday shopping season. The program is anticipating more advertisers and more spend this year than ever before. This presents a… > Read More


How to Navigate Attribution Modeling in Google Analytics

Attribution Modeling & Multi-Channel Tracking An attribution model is the rule, or set of rules, that determines how credit for sales and conversions is assigned to touchpoints in conversion paths. In ecommerce, attribution can be a complicated concept for retailers to understand…. > Read More


5 Reasons Why Retailers Need to Sell in Online Marketplaces

*This article was written by Angelica Valentine, Content Marketing Manager at Wiser Leveraging Online Marketplaces Selling on a webstore is a great way to get your products into shoppers’ hands, but there’s something about marketplaces that can’t be replicated. Retailers are catching… > Read More


20 Facebook Advertising Tips for Retailers – 2X eCommerce Interview

CPC Strategy’s Senior Retail Search Manager Stephen Kerner was recently featured on 2X eCommerce to discuss Facebook eCommerce strategy. is a blog dedicated to ecommerce and multi-channel marketing run by the show’s host Kunle Campbell. Campbell is an e-commerce marketing consultant specialist for mid-tier online retailers. He… > Read More


FBA Storage Fees: How to Avoid Long Term Charges

FBA Storage Fees: Long Term Charges Due Aug. 15 Unfortunately, many Amazon sellers are not aware of the charges their products may be accruing thanks to long term storage fees. On February 15 and August 15 of every year, FBA conducts an Inventory Cleanup, at which time… > Read More


Q4 Amazon Seller Tips From The CEO of Amazon’s #1 Best Selling Product

Developing Amazon’s #1 Best Selling Product In 2012, Joseph Jaconi and Eric Tong founded Tech Armor, a leading manufacturer of mobile device accessories including Tech Armor Certified Cables, Wall and Car Chargers, Ballistic Glass Screen Protectors and the new Relax Series of next… > Read More


The 2015 Guide to Fulfillment by Amazon

How Professional Sellers Can Strategically Implement FBA

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