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brand lift

Why Retailers Should Focus on Brand Lift in 2016

What is Brand Lift? Sometimes retailers make the mistake of focusing so much on ROI, where every dollar and every click must drive to a conversion, that they forget to set their sights beyond the return. Unfortunately, this mindset can be very limiting for businesses in terms… > Read More

retail landscape

Competitive Tactics in the 2016 Retail Landscape: Q&A with evo

Q&A with Leading Outdoor Retailer, evo This week, we spoke up with Nathan Decker, Director of Ecommerce at evo, leading online retailer of outdoor gear and fashion apparel to talk about the success of his company, the evolution of Google Shopping and how retailers… > Read More

call tracking

The Impact and Retail Challenges of Call Tracking

The Impact of Call Tracking Call tracking technology records information about incoming calls to your business. Retailers can use call tracking software to figure out which ads are leading to phone calls / conversions and compile important data about their leads that can be used to directly… > Read More

2016 search predictions

2016 Search Predictions from Leading Industry Experts

What trends are going to shape search in 2016? As we approach 2016, retailers and ecommerce professionals across the globe are re-evaluating their online marketing strategy. From technology to branding and user preferences – it’s a challenge to digest the many ongoing and exciting changes emerging… > Read More


How to Solve the Pricing and Inventory Problem this Holiday Season

Best Practices for Retail Pricing and Inventory It’s crunch time for online retailers around the world, so now’s the best time to iron out the details. Success is largely dependent on the products a retailer has to offer and how much they’re selling them for. So naturally,… > Read More

dynamic search ads

How to Spur Growth & Efficiency Gains with Dynamic Search Ads

Utilizing DSAs to Drive High Quality Traffic Dynamic Search Ads allow advertisers to take advantage of Google’s improving search algorithms to drive high quality traffic to the most relevant landing pages. In order for advertisers to take advantage of DSAs, they must… > Read More


3 Ways to Shop Faster This Thanksgiving with Google Shopping Mobile

Browse Faster with Google Shopping Mobile Without a doubt shoppers will be reaching for their cell phones to make purchases this Thanksgiving weekend.  Although some consumers might participate in recent trends such as REI’s #OptOutside to avoid the in-store holiday madness on Black Friday – we can guarantee most consumers will… > Read More


The Black Friday – Cyber Monday Ecommerce Checklist

Black Friday – Cyber Monday Checklist According to Google’s Holiday Calendar, Black Friday in-store pick-ups rose 40% last year and Cyber Monday became the biggest day in U.S. online shopping history. This year, they anticipate at least a 14% increase in sales for online… > Read More


YouTube Shopping Ads Now Available To All Advertisers

YouTube Shopping Ads Out of Beta & Now Live This week, both of YouTube’s Shopping ad formats including “TrueView for Shopping” and “Shopping Ads on YouTube” are now out of beta and available to all advertisers in AdWords. To be clear, the… > Read More


Black Friday Isn’t Dead, but Cyber Monday Could Steal its Thunder

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday Black Friday is losing its charm. Consumers are less interested in waking up before the sun to battle parking lots full of sleepy shoppers to stand in long lines for a TV that might not even have… > Read More


The Fulfillment by Amazon Guide

How Professional Sellers Can Strategically Implement FBA