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Open up Your Business to Bitcoins with BitPay [Infographic]

Bitcoin continues to build momentum into 2014 with no signs of slowing.  As more and more retailers take the cryptocurrency seriously, many are looking at accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment in the new year.  Enter BitPay, a solution for Bitcoin… > Read More


Bitcoin: What is Bitcoin and why should I care?

What is Bitcoin? If you have not already heard, Bitcoin is taking the world by storm.  Bitcoin was founded anonymously in 2007 under the alias of Satoshi Nakamoto. Some basic facts about Bitcoins Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency, there is not any… > Read More

Google special offers

Google Special Offers Update Gives Retailers Search Advantage

What Are Google Special Offers? Google Special Offers also referred to as Merchant Promotions are an existing Google Shopping feature which merchants can use to promote store or product sales.  Online advertisers can feature coupons or promotions right in search alongside their product… > Read More

cart abandonment

Top Cart Abandonment Questions

Last week we hosted a Revenue retention webinar with UpSellIt which highlighted how to keep customers in from leaving at all stages of the sales funnel. Here are some of the Cart Abandonment questions Rick and Max answered following the webinar. Cart… > Read More

shopping cart abandonment

How Can I Keep People On My Site? [Video]

This month we hosted a Cart Abandonment and Revenue Retention Webinar with UpSellIt. Watch the video below for insider tips on how to reduce Cart abandonment at all stages of the shopping funnel. Reduce Cart Abandonment at all Stages of the Shopping… > Read More


Skimlinks: The Affiliate Platform That Drove $500MM in Ecommerce Sales Last Year

At the onset of Q1, a certain article on TechCrunch caught my eye: “Skimlinks Says Its Affiliate Linking Technology Drove $500M+ In E-Commerce Sales Last Year.“ Frankly, I was shocked to hear that affiliate marketing, often the black sheep of online marketing,… > Read More

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TODAY: Shopping Cart Abandonment Webinar

Retailers lose 18 billion in revenue annually due to shopping cart abandonment, and 90% of online leads go cold after one hour. Learn how to use Google Shopping and proprietary customer retention strategies to regain cart abandoners and prevent shoppers from leaving at all… > Read More


Retail Marketing: 11 Major Retailers Weigh in On The Year Ahead

It should come as no surprise that 2014 is primed to continue ecommerce’s streak of record-breaking growth. The dynamic nature of the ecommerce and digital marketing space can, however, make it difficult to know which areas to focus on. We got the… > Read More


Driving Affiliate Sales with Expert Jonathan Kendall

Despite a lack of industry-focus over the last couple of years, affiliate marketing continues to be a significant driver of revenue for ecommerce retailers. Internet Retailer reports that over half of their Top 500 have active affiliate programs. For the sizable group… > Read More

reduce shopping cart abandonment

Why People Leave Your Site and How To Fix It

2 Types of Site Abandonment You’re Ignoring Cart abandonment is a major concern for online retailers, with over $18 billion in lost sales a year and 67% of site traffic abandoning the cart without converting. As important as cart abandonment is, there… > Read More