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lead generation mistakes

7 Lead Generation Mistakes To Avoid

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The Results Are In: Must-Attend 2018 Conferences for Digital Marketers

As a digital marketer, although you can sign up for webinars and read countless blog articles, there’s nothing quite like having that information… > Read More


The Project Management Tools Comparison for Retailers & Marketers

Multi-tasking is at the heart of any marketing director’s job description. They’re constantly juggling dozens of plates—managing 10 different projects simultaneously, all with… > Read More

selling fair trade products online

Value Beyond a Price Tag: Selling Fair Trade Products Online in the Age of Amazon

What does it take to launch a fair trade business in the age of Amazon? A lot more than you think. SLATE +… > Read More

visual product search

Tommy Hilfiger to Amazon: What Retailers Should Know About Visual Product Search

In the last year or so, brands and retailers have been jumping on the visual search bandwagon in droves. Capitalizing on the huge… > Read More

Grilla Grills Trims the Fat Off Their Business Model, Shifts Direct-To-Consumer

Founded in 2012, Grilla Grills stemmed from a conversation between two men on a fishing trip. As Dave Shidler (Owner at Grilla Grills)… > Read More

CPC Strategy & Google Team Up for AdDiego 2017

In preparation for the Q4 holiday shopping rush, CPC Strategy successfully executed “AdDiego 2017” our first in-person, full day conference. Sponsored by Google, the… > Read More


Target Customers on the Go With Hyperlocal Geofencing Ads

It sounds shocking, but today’s average consumer checks their phone about 80 times a day—almost twice that if they’re a Millennial. Wouldn’t it… > Read More

What Are The Best Landing Page Tools for Retailers?

Advertising online without a landing page is like taking a road trip without a destination. It leaves the user lost, meandering through your… > Read More

Google, Amazon, & PPC Experts: What Retail Brands Need to Know for Q4

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about Q4 bid increases, ad copy, or inventory preparation – you are not alone. Q4 can be the most… > Read More