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How This Ecommerce Startup Raised Over 850K on Kickstarter by Investing in Community

How Ecommerce Startup Engages Community to Succeed At 8-year-old ecommerce startup Zivix, customers are more than just right—they’re valuable resources for product development and marketing. Zivix is a technology music company that built the Jamstik, a “Portable SmartGuitar”, both hardware and software that… > Read More

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6 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Successful Retail Startup Piper

6 Insights From Successful Retail Startup Piper Piper is a kids’ computer engineering kit built with Minecraft software, but its success up to this point is far from child’s play. Let’s put it this way: Piper sold 2000 units in Q4 2015…. > Read More

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Google Local Inventory Ads – New Updates for 2016

Updates to Google Local Inventory Ads Despite how emphatic online shopping in the e-commerce industry is, local spending is still alive and well. So much so that there is now, for the second time this year, another update to Google Local Inventory… > Read More

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What is the Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio: An Overview Ever since Google announced the Google Data Studio, we’ve been dying to try it out. Now that they’re offering a free version, it’s an even bigger reason to jump on the platform. The Google Data Studio bridges… > Read More


Live Chat: How to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Increase Conversions with Live Chat Unfortunately, during the buying experience, unique questions and concerns often hold people back from making a purchase. Live chat is one of the easiest ways to address those concerns, so more people are willing to buy. According to Jon Tucker, CEO at… > Read More

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What is Product Sourcing?

Amazon Sellers & Product Sourcing Finding new products to sell through your business is essential to company growth. Unfortunately, the process of buying products at a wholesale price, and selling them online for a profit comes with its fair share of challenges including product… > Read More

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How to Measure the Effectiveness of Branding Campaigns

Live Q&A with Branding & Attribution Experts If asked to “grow brand awareness through digital marketing”, would you know where to start? Many brands & retailers fail to effectively measure the success in branding campaigns because they lack clear goals & structure…. > Read More

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Website Migration SEO For Retailers

Retail Website Migration SEO Site migration is a process most retailers will face at some point during the growth of their business to keep up with the evolving face of retail and ecommerce. But site migration is a tricky business if you don’t… > Read More


The Pros & Cons of Product Level Ad Groups in Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping Campaigns: Product Level Data If you have a large data feed some marketers feel that managing bids at a product level is completely unrealistic, which is why many retailers segment their products based on attributes such as brand, category, product types, etc. In some… > Read More

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Why Retailers Should Focus on Brand Lift in 2016

What is Brand Lift? Sometimes retailers make the mistake of focusing so much on ROI, where every dollar and every click must drive to a conversion, that they forget to set their sights beyond the return. Unfortunately, this mindset can be very limiting for businesses in terms… > Read More