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site migration checklist

The Quick & Simple Site Migration Checklist for Retailers

Migrating your ecommerce site? That’s a good thing, particularly if your current site just isn’t up to par for today’s impatient mobile shoppers…. > Read More


The Conversion Rate Optimization Checklist For Retailers

Despite all of its moving parts, basic ecommerce strategy comes down to 3 primary tenets: Traffic Generation – Investing in marketing and advertising… > Read More

voice first devices

Amazon vs. Google: Who Will Win the Most Voice-First Shoppers?

Remember The Clapper? The plug-in device flipped on and off your household lights with a double clap of your hands. The Clapper blew… > Read More

social media contests

8 Do’s & Don’ts That Can Make or Break Social Media Contests

Whether on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or Snapchat–there’s no doubt that social media contests are a big deal for online retailers. If you’ve… > Read More

programmatic advertising for videos

Programmatic Advertising: Drive Conversions With Direct Response Videos

Video ads have come a long way from 30 second TV spots–but they still have a long way to go. A lot of… > Read More


How Online Clothes Shopping for Men is Evolving in 2017

Let’s take it back to 2007–pre-Zappos. A man named Andy Dunn just cashed in his 401k and is working on getting funding for… > Read More


Indispensable Customer Service Tips for Retailers in 2017

$1.6 trillion. It’s a big number–and unfortunately, not a good one. It’s approximately what U.S. businesses lose every year because of poor service…. > Read More

How Retail Brands Can Predict Customer Lifetime Value

What if you were able to predict the items your customers are likely to buy, how much they’ll spend, even how often they’ll shop? Predicting… > Read More

customer loyalty program

How to Create a Killer Customer Loyalty Program

CRMRetail loyalty programs have evolved far beyond stamp cards. These days, the majority of consumers believe loyalty programs are a big part of their… > Read More

free shipping free returns

Free Shipping, Free Returns: How to Manage Customer Expectations Without Sinking

Online returns: Every retailer’s favorite part of January, right? With the influx in returns that are sure to happen all month long, online… > Read More