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Retail Trends and Predictions for 2017

It’s that time of year again–holiday sales are in full force, U.S. customers are emerging from a post-election sales halt, and Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are on the horizon. At CPC Strategy, we’ve been talking about Q4 strategy for months…. > Read More

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Mobile Optimization To Increase Retail Site Conversions in 2017

The growing need for retailers to integrate mobile-friendly sites is nothing new to the ecommerce world. It’s estimated by 2017, mobile ecommerce sales will total $109 billion and those numbers continue to grow every year. As I’m sure most of you remember,… > Read More


The Q4 Google Analytics Report Every Ecommerce Retailer Needs

There’s nothing worse than being caught out of stock on a hot-selling item in the middle of the holidays. What if we told you there’s a solution that could help you avoid that and help you stay on top of your bids for a… > Read More


9 Tips to Streamline Your Ecommerce Business From the CEO of Skubana

Before getting into ecommerce, Chad Rubin was working on Wall Street. When he first launched his ecommerce business, he knew he was in over his head–he had never run a warehouse or managed business finances or operational procedures. “I was 50 pounds… > Read More

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Impact of the National DNS Website Attack on Retail Brands & Cart Providers

On Friday, hackers sent out two major “denial of service” (DDos) attacks, blocking access to dozens of major websites including Amazon, Paypal, Shopify, and Etsy. The attack targeted the servers of Dyn, a cloud-based Internet Performance Management (IPM) company. Essentially what happens when a Dyn… > Read More


Multichannel Retailing 101: How to Multiply Your Sales Beyond Amazon

Access to millions of customers, incredible brand exposure, a host of marketing tools—there’s no question that Amazon is one incredible selling channel. However, it’s important to take a step back and remember it’s not the only one worth investing in. When you… > Read More


How Canadian Apparel Retailer Mark’s Grew From a Single Brick and Mortar to a 1.1B Brand

If you’re from the US, you might think we’re talking about a wealthy guy named Mark. If you’re from Canada, you know we’re talking about a classic Canadian apparel retailer that’s been around for nearly 40 years. Mark’s started out as a working man’s brick-and-mortar in… > Read More

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4 Ecommerce Site UX Problems That Are Killing Your Conversions (and How to Fix Them)

Your website can be a powerful one-stop-shop for all parts of the funnel—it’s a place for shoppers to learn about your brand, become more invested in your story, and eventually (hopefully) buy a product. But even if your brand content is powerful… > Read More

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How This British Brand Uses a Multichannel Selling Strategy to Reach International Customers

Victoria Eggs’ Successful Multichannel Selling Strategy Victoria Eggs isn’t just the name of a British designer. It’s also the name of her rapidly growing brand.  (And yes, it’s her real name.) In 2016, Victoria Eggs pulled in £125,000 GBP, roughly $166,705.63 USD—a… > Read More

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How This Ecommerce Startup Raised Over 850K on Kickstarter by Investing in Community

How Ecommerce Startup Engages Community to Succeed At 8-year-old ecommerce startup Zivix, customers are more than just right—they’re valuable resources for product development and marketing. Zivix is a technology music company that built the Jamstik, a “Portable SmartGuitar”, both hardware and software that… > Read More