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Google Shopping Webinars for Retail Brands & PPC Advertisers

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google merchant center auto item update

Get an Email About Automatic Item Updates? Here’s What Google Actually Means

Yesterday, Google sent out two emails to their Google Shopping Merchants, both referencing something called “automatic item updates.” Everyone on the Merchant Center… > Read More

google merchant center new feed

Google Introduces a New Merchant Center Feed Experience

The product feed is often one of the most overlooked aspects of effective product advertising due to its technical, often tedious nature. Despite… > Read More

data management platform

The Retail Guide to Data Management Platforms

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google shopping product feed optimization

8 Google Shopping Product Feed Optimizations You Should Make Now

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google manufacturer center guide

How to Upload Your Google Shopping Feed Into the Manufacturer Center

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6 Steps to Implement a Data-Driven Retail Strategy

Why Data-Driven Retail Matters Big data is the driving factor propelling online retail forward. The term has admittedly been over-used, as it’s often… > Read More

google gtin requirement

2016 Google GTIN Requirements for Product Feeds

In 2015, Google required the Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) for products from a list of 50 brands. Later this year, Google will expand… > Read More

The Pros and Cons of Google Merchant Center Feed Rules

Introducing Google Merchant Center Feed Rules Google is currently experimenting with “Feed Rules” a new feature within their Merchant Center. The beta program (currently available in a… > Read More

How to Optimize Your Product Feed

Demystifying Product Feed Technology One of the most overlooked and intimidating aspects of effective product advertising for retail marketers is the product feed. Because… > Read More