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Drive Ecommerce Shopping Growth with Bing Shopping Ads

Bing Shopping Ads to Drive Profitable Returns With about 65 million retail searches & 177 million retail clicks a month – about 22% of all US retail paid clicks – Bing continues to demonstrate their impact on the search/product display advertising landscape. With new… > Read More


The Phased Approach to Amazon Sponsored Products: Product Content Evaluation

Strategy for Automatic & Manual Campaigns Series Sponsored Products is one of the most powerful tools for driving discoverability and incremental sales for Amazon sellers. Sponsored Products ads (as seen below) can impact a seller’s overall Marketplace Strategy by: Providing an acceleration program for newer or… > Read More


Bing Remarketing for Previous Site Visitors

Introducing Bing Remarketing Remarketing is a powerful strategy that gives retailers the ability to deliver the right ad to the right user at the best return on investment (ROI). According to Forrester Research Inc., 96 percent of first time visitors leave websites without converting.  Remarketing… > Read More


Amazon Announces Discontinuation of Amazon Product Ads

Amazon Product Ads Discontinued October 31 The announcement, released today from Amazon states, “While your ads will no longer be visible on Amazon as of that date, you may access your performance reports through December 31, 2015.” Historically, Amazon Product Ads have filled the… > Read More


Amazon Sponsored Products: Caution Using Estimated Page 1 Bids

Amazon Sponsored Products: Estimated Page 1 Bids vs. Actual CPCs Amazon sellers would be naive to base their bidding strategy on Amazon’s Estimated Page 1 Bids alone, according to a recent analysis by Pat Petriello Marketplace Channel Manager at CPC Strategy. “We’ve suspected this,… > Read More


22 Questions on How to Increase Organic Search Visibility on Amazon – Answered

Increase Organic Search Visibility Amazon The ability for a third party seller to have their offers seen on the Amazon Marketplace has become increasingly more difficult and pertinent as the competitive landscape has grown. Understanding which factors influence organic search visibility on… > Read More


How to Add a User to Amazon Seller Central

Invite New Users to Amazon Seller Central When sellers first set up their Amazon Seller Central account, typically only the original registered user can access the features of Seller Central. Eventually, sellers may opt to share their account with others including a co-worker who wants to… > Read More


How to Evaluate Your ASIN Report in Amazon Seller Central

Extract a Story from the ASIN Report Creating and analyzing standardized reports is a standard, good practice for any advertising or sales channel – and this is especially true for Amazon. The approach defined here by Pat Petriello, Senior Marketplace Strategist at… > Read More


Amazon Global Selling, the Top U.S. International Marketplace

Amazon Global Selling: Tools and Benefits for Retailers If retailers are looking to expand their business internationally, Amazon Global Selling is a great pick. With operations in ten international marketplaces — the United States, Canada, the U.K. Germany, France, Italy, Spain China, Japan, and… > Read More


Amazon Video Ads Now Visible in SERP

In your recent Amazon search, have you noticed something different? It appears Amazon is beta testing video ads within their SERP. Although Amazon has yet to release any formal information about their latest testing unit, it does bring into question the role video ad… > Read More