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google showcase shopping

Google Showcase Shopping Ads for Broad & Non-Branded Queries

Google Showcase Shopping Ads for Broad Queries Starting this week, Shopping advertisers in the US, UK and Australia will have access to Google’s new ad format for broad queries – Google Showcase Shopping ads. The primary goal of the new format is to help shoppers with non-branded… > Read More

customer match for google shopping

Advertisers on the Impact of Customer Match for Google Shopping

Customer Match for Google Shopping Thanks to the introduction of Customer Match for Google Shopping – advertisers can focus campaigns on their highest-value audiences – including previous purchasers, rewards members, newsletter subscribers, or local in-store shoppers. Customer Match is a feature aimed to re-engage loyal customers as… > Read More

google shopping mistakes that lose money

10 Google Shopping Mistakes Draining Your Budget

10 Google Shopping Mistakes to Avoid Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been using the program since its early days–no one is exempt from making mistakes on Google Shopping. However, there are ways to reduce those mistakes that end with lost… > Read More

How To Drive Google Shopping Results via Product Feed Optimization

Advanced Strategies to Enhance Your Product Feed As many ecommerce marketing executives find out the hard way – when launching on Google Shopping, it’s extremely important that the product feed is not only formatted correctly, but is enhanced and as comprehensive as… > Read More


Tipsy Elves on Shark Tank Success & 2016 Apparel Expansion

Tipsy Elves: The Shark Tank Apparel Success Who could forget when the founders of Tipsy Elves – Evan Mendelsohn and Nicklaus Morton presented their ugly sweater business pitch to judges on ABC’s 2013 Shark Tank Holiday Special, complete with a Christmas tree and holiday sweater catwalk…. > Read More


How to Effectively Target Search Queries in Google Shopping

Target Search Queries in Google Shopping Google Shopping success has always been dependent on data feed quality and a smart product-level bidding approach, but Search Query/Keyword Targeting was never considered a real strategic possibility. That has changed, where we’ve developed unique methods… > Read More

google shopping bidding by device

Introducing Google Shopping Bidding By Device

Google Shopping Bidding By Device Thanks to a recent announcement from the 2016 Google Shopping Performance Summit, advertisers will have more control and flexibility on specific mobile bids and be able to set individual bid adjustments for other devices including desktop and tablets. The… > Read More

2016 google shopping faq

2016 Google Shopping FAQ – Answered

2016 Google Shopping FAQ Virtual Summit Competition for space on Google Shopping’s Product Listing Ads is on the rise, making it increasingly difficult for retailers and brands to get their products in front of potential customers who are actively searching for purchase… > Read More

Google shopping product feed 2016

5 Google Shopping Product Feed Specification Updates

2016 Google Shopping Product Feed Specifications Google recently announced several updates to their 2016 Google Shopping Product Feed Specifications. Pro-Tip: A product specification is a valuable source of information that Google needs to run Shopping ads for your products. Each year, Google makes updates to… > Read More

local inventory ads

Google Local Inventory Ads 2016 Updates

What are Google Local Inventory Ads? Google Local Inventory Ads are designed to make it easier for online shoppers to identify inventory available in a company’s local store(s). According to Google, they offer the same rich product information as a Shopping ad but also… > Read More