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How Dynamic Sitelinks Can Boost Your Average CTR by 50 Percent

Dynamic sitelinks can be extremely useful to retail marketers. Not only do they help boost click-though-rate, they also guide shoppers to relevant pages on a retailer’s website based on their recent search activities. Historically, sitelinks are an important part of a successful text ad…. > Read More


Beardbrand Shares 6 Tips to Scale Retail Distribution to National Chain Stores

How can retailers secure product distribution in big box stores? Just like a proud parent sending their child off to college, retailers nurture and care for their products with the hope they will one day go on to bigger opportunities and flourish on the… > Read More


How to Assess the Profitability of Your Ad Positioning on Google Shopping

In CPC Strategy’s video, “Google Shopping – Why Is Bidding So Important?” CEO Rick Backus explains the algorithm behind ad positioning on Google Shopping and what practices can help get your products in the spotlight. In a follow up discussion, Jeff Coleman, Director of Retail Search at… > Read More


Google Buy Button: Can the Search Giant Fulfill Retail’s Pipe Dream?

As Google enthusiasts continue to speculate about the anticipated “Buy Button”, industry experts share how they envision the program to function and how it will impact retailers. The rumored feature would challenge Amazon’s “one-click” ordering, transforming Google’s custom search empire into a dynamic marketplace. Tien Nguyen,… > Read More

Google trusted stores setup update

Google Trusted Stores Update Smooths Setup

Yesterday Google announced some changes to Trusted Stores in order to make it easier for retailers leverage the program. Google Trusted Stores Update for Online Sellers Trusted Stores, a Google-verified merchant program, highlights seller quality score on Google search and seller pages to… > Read More

Amazon prime now same day delivery

Amazon Stays One Step Ahead of Google: Delivery Wars

Amazon created some hubbub this month with the announcement of one-hour deliveries featured by Prime Now, right on the heels of Google’s Shopping Express same-day shipping. Amazon’s Prime Now service poises the already combative online shopping giants in the newest ecommerce arena- same… > Read More

paid search PPC resources

65 (Free) Blue Ribbon Worthy Paid Search Resources for PPC Marketers

Google changed its search algorithm 13 times in 2014, 3 times in October alone. Search updates happen frequently, and Paid Search best practices and strategy updates almost daily. Staying on top of search and PPC news is a must for today’s Search… > Read More


The PPC Performance Metric You’re Ignoring Which is Costing You

Google’s search pages have changed significantly in 2014, and continue to advance as search behavior evolves. Search space on Google is increasingly cluttered, with different objects competing for visibility in the same ad space. For advertisers, getting a top position on search doesn’t… > Read More


2 Must Use PLA Enhancements For Higher Rankings [Video]

27% of online shoppers are already searching for Black Friday deals online (Google). What type of visibility does your online store have on Google? Below are some tips on how to gain more visibility for your online store this holiday on Google…. > Read More


PPC Advanced Strategy: New Strategy to Outrank Competition on AdWords

In 2015, almost all of Google’s search result page (SERP) space is PPC advertising. AdWords advertisers are increasingly challenged with getting visibility on these pages with limited space, creating a highly competitive advertising landscapte. The average  Google search page real estate (desktop)… > Read More