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How Retailers Can Optimize Campaigns With Dynamic Search Ads

What are Dynamic Search Ads? Dynamic Search Ads use Google’s organic web-crawling technology to automatically target relevant search queries based on a retailer’s website content. Dynamic Search Ads are useful for campaigns because they: Help fill in the gaps in keyword campaigns for better return on investment… > Read More


Automated Extensions in Google PLAs to Replace Promotional Text

Google Announces “Free Shipping” Automated Extensions in PLAs According to an announcement from Google, as of September 2015,  promotional text will be replaced by automated extensions within Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs). Based on initial results, Google has found shoppers prefer new automated extensions… > Read More


Accurately Represent Your Products with Google Manufacturer Center

Introducing the Google Manufacturer Center Manufacturer product data, such as images, descriptions and variants, are expected to be accurate, rich and consistent for shoppers online. According to a recent announcement, Google Manufacturer Center is now available to help brand manufacturers accurately represent their products to… > Read More


Retail Experts Weigh in on the Google Buy Button

Introducing the Google Buy Button: After significant hype, Google’s Buy Button also known as “Purchases on Google” is now available to select retailers through Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs). Shoppers will now be able to purchase their favorite products directly from search engine… > Read More


The Ultimate Google Shopping Overview on 2X eCommerce – Interview (Part 2)

CPC Strategy Google Shopping expert and Director of Account Management Jeff Coleman was recently interviewed to discuss Google AdWords campaign strategy in The Ultimate Google Shopping Overview on 2x eCommerce (Part 1). is a blog dedicated to ecommerce and multichannel marketing run… > Read More


The Ultimate Google Shopping Overview on 2X eCommerce – Interview

CPC Strategy Google Shopping expert and Director of Account Management Jeff Coleman was recently featured on 2X eCommerce to discuss Google AdWords campaign strategy. is a blog dedicated to ecommerce and multichannel marketing run by the show’s host Kunle Campbell. Campbell is an e-commerce… > Read More


Google AdWords Update: Cross-Account Campaign Management & Reporting Enhancements

Enhancements for Google AdWords Manager Accounts With hopes to save advertisers time and provide more visibility into their account performance, Google AdWords recently announced the introduction of several new enhancements including: Cross-account Campaign Management Powerful Reporting Tools Improved Account Navigation   Google AdWords:… > Read More


5 Online Shopping Discounts to Enhance Google Product Listing Ads

Online Shopping Discounts: Enhancing Product Listing Ads with Merchant Promotions Merchant Promotions – also called special offers – give retailers an opportunity to highlight their products and better their chances of click through rate and conversion. According to a study by Google, Venus, one of the… > Read More


Google Testing Automated PLAs

Google Automated Testing in Shopping Tab Retailers may have noticed Google’s latest testing within the Shopping Tab. In reference to the below example, Google is not using Promotional text created by an advertiser – rather they are dynamically inserting what appears in the… > Read More


The Google Buy Button: Impact for Retailers and Mobile Conversions

Google Confirms Buy Button Testing The rumored Google Buy Button has finally made a move in the ecommerce market with it’s latest launch announcement. Last week, Google’s Chief Business Officer, Omid Kordestani confirmed the long standing rumors on stage at the Code Conference,… > Read More


The 2015 Guide to Fulfillment by Amazon

How Professional Sellers Can Strategically Implement FBA

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