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Google Shopping Product Reviews to Roll Out Mid-September

Google Shopping will start featuring product reviews on the SERP starting “mid-September.” The noticeable orange 5-star rating system will be a sure differentiator for advertisers who aggregate product reviews. So what does this mean? Well, you have about a month and half… > Read More

Google Shopping Campaigns switch

5 Google Shopping Changes To Make ASAP [Webinar Today]

85% of Product Listing Ads merchants have already switched over to Google Shopping Campaigns.  Don’t get left behind. Tune in to today’s webinar to learn how to: Make the switch Increase conversions with Google Shopping Campaigns Set up Shopping Campaigns for the… > Read More

PLA google shopping campaigns

3 Reasons You Need to Switch to Google Shopping Campaigns Today

Google Shopping Campaigns upgrades Product Listing Ads automatically in less than 25 days. Are you prepared for the switch? 3 Things to make you think twice about waiting to switch to Google Shopping Campaigns 1. 85% of PLA advertisers have switched to… > Read More

Google search test

Breaking: Google Testing Price Range Ads in Search

Google is continually tweaking and testing new search and ad formats for Google search results. Yesterday, we spotted Google testing search page results with price ranges for product ads. Google Testing Price Range Search Results One of our Retail Search Analysts spotted… > Read More


Are You Using the ‘AdWords Redirect’ Attribute?

Put bluntly, if you’re completely ignoring mobile traffic, you’re probably A) wasting ad spend and B) missing out on a huge opportunity. Where AdWords is involved, advertising to the mobile consumer requires a different plan of attack in terms of the ad… > Read More


Google Shopping Feed Specifications – Updates to Stock

Last week, Google announced changes to its Google Shopping feed specifications, or the required format for inventory submission on Google. The feed specification changes include changes to availability and landing pages, which will be enforced starting September 30th. Google Shopping Feed Specification Changes Some… > Read More


#News: New Google Shopping Feed Specifications

Today, Google announced that it will be enforcing new Google Merchant Center feed specifications starting September 30th of this year. So what’s changing? There are a few changes of note: Added ability to provide a mobile landing page (via the “mobile link” attribute)…. > Read More

Google Shopping Campaigns features

3 Google Shopping Campaign Features To Test

If you sell on Google, you have less than 100 days to transition your Product Listing Ads (PLAs) to Google Shopping Campaigns, the new campaign structure. Shopping Campaigns replace PLAs in August, and have demonstrably positive metrics for merchants including higher ROI, lower COS… > Read More

Mobile Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping Campaigns: Should you bid more on Mobile?

Mobile is the fastest growing segment of ecommerce, and accounts for a large part of online shopping. Mobile is a must for most online merchants, and mobile adoption advocates are everywhere. With Google Shopping Campaigns, Google and major search agencies are similarly… > Read More

Google testing products in search Carousel

Google Testing Product Carousel for Search

Google has been leveraging its Carousel and knowledge graph for some time to allow searchers to get access to more information within search- without the need to click out to external pages. Today, our search team spotted a continuation of Google search test… > Read More