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Q4 Shopping channel tips

Q4 2013 Ecommerce Strategy: 7 Tips For Higher ROI On Your Shopping Channels

A recent Emarketer report predicts US retail ecommerce sales to total $259 billion for 2013, with a 14% in digital sales.  Are your products leveraged properly on the shopping channels to take advantage of this influx? For more Google Shopping and Holiday… > Read More

Google vs. Amazon, Ecommerce

Google vs. Amazon: User Wars

In the movie Tron, there is a great climactic ending scene in which Tron uses his last labored breath to say: “I fight for the users.” Amazon and Google aren’t fighting each other for ecommerce dominance, but fighting to create a better… > Read More


Google Product Listing Ads Posts Largest Lead In Comparison Shopping Industry Since 2009

In a show of dominance over the market, Google Product Listing Ads posted the largest marginal gain against it’s competitors in the comparison shopping market during Q2 of 2013. Scoring best of class (which is normal for Google) is not the story… > Read More

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CPC Strategy to Release Comparison Shopping Report for Q2 2013

It’s That Wonderful Time of Year Again… Tomorrow, July 24th, we will be releasing our Comparison Shopping Report for Q2 2013, the 18th installment of its kind since we began the study. Merchants, marketers, and agencies alike will learn how the industry’s… > Read More


Q1 2013 CSE Rankings

Update 5/7/2013: We just released the most awesome Product Listing Ads Guide ever. At more than 15,000 words it’s the most comprehensive guide on the planet. Best of all it’s completely free.  Intro As an eCommerce retailer advertising online can often feel like stepping into a… > Read More

Which comparison engine is the best for the sporting goods category?

Q4 2012 CSE Rankings: Sporting Goods Edition

Every quarter, we determine the best comparison shopping engines (CSEs) for online merchants. This holiday, Q4 2012 we broke down each CSE based on top metrics overall such as revenue and cost of sale (COS). As well as individual categories including Apparel,… > Read More

Best CSE, Electronics Category

Q4 2012 CSE Rankings: Electronics Edition

Recently we released our 2012 holiday rankings for the top comparison shopping engine (CSEs). In addition to outlining engine metrics like cost of sale (COS), revenue and traffic, we also get more granular and rank the engines based on top online merchant categories:… > Read More

Best Comparison Engine, Home and Garden category traffic

Q4 2012 CSE Rankings: Home and Garden Edition

Last Monday, we released our quarterly rankings for the top comparison shopping engine (CSE), for Q4 2012, based on metrics like revenue, conversion rate and cost of sale (COS). Just like we do every quarter, we’ve further broken down the comparison shopping engine… > Read More

Best Comparison Engine, Apparel Category

Q4 2012 CSE Rankings: Apparel Edition

Last week we released our quarterly rankings for the best comparison shopping engine (CSE), for Q4 2012. Similar to our previous rankings, we’ve broken down the engine metrics even further for four categories: Apparel Electronics Home & Garden Sporting Goods Below we’ve… > Read More

Online Merchants: Should You List on Pricegrabber?

Every quarter we analyze the top comparison shopping engines (CSEs) to determine the number one engine for online merchants. This quarter, Q4 2012, Amazon Product Ads and Google Shopping battled it out for top metrics including traffic, conversion rate and cost per… > Read More