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How to Evaluate Your ASIN Report in Amazon Seller Central

Extract a Story from the ASIN Report Creating and analyzing standardized reports is a standard, good practice for any advertising or sales channel – and this is especially true for Amazon. The approach defined here by Pat Petriello, Senior Marketplace Strategist at… > Read More


Beardbrand Shares 6 Tips to Scale Retail Distribution to National Chain Stores

How can retailers secure product distribution in big box stores? Just like a proud parent sending their child off to college, retailers nurture and care for their products with the hope they will one day go on to bigger opportunities and flourish on the… > Read More


Best Omni-Channel Retail Practices For Holistic Marketing in 2015

Omni-Channel practices are essential for a quality shopping experience in 2015. If shoppers notice a disconnect between your online and in-store presence, they could abandon your product or website all together and look to competitors for other options. Although omni-channel integration may seem overwhelming at first, CPC clients like… > Read More


Q&A with Brian Carter Bestselling Author of ‘Facebook Marketing’

This week, Social Media Keynote Speaker and 18-year digital marketer, Brian Carter joins CPC Strategy to discuss  Facebook and the evolution of ecommerce for 2015.  Carter, the#1 bestselling author of  The Like Economy and Facebook Marketing has keynoted and developed marketing programs for companies of all sizes,… > Read More


Data Talk: Q&A With Jon Wilson Partner of Retail Scientifics

As Chief Data Scientist and Partner at Retail Scientifics LLC, Jonathan L. Wilson, PhD thrives on helping his clients like Petco, solve computationally intensive problems which require top-notch quantitative skills across a wide variety of business areas.  This week, he joins CPC Strategy for a… > Read More


Google Shopping Campaigns: The _____ New Way to Do PLAs

The New Google Shopping Campaigns Last October, Google broke the news that they would be optimizing their Product Listing Ads program by introducing Shopping Campaigns, a model that would decrease barriers to entry for retail advertisers. Though the program is still in… > Read More


Three Bold Internet Marketing Predictions for Advertisers in 2014

It’s fairly straightforward to make predictions about larger trends that we’ll see in the year ahead by looking at the momentum we’ve seen in the previous year. It probably does not come as a shock to anyone in the retail space to… > Read More


Seller Reviews: Small Addition, Big Impact

When you work with hundreds of retailers on a weekly basis, you tend to notice some trends. In a recent study, one obscure trend we uncovered was the profound effect of integrating shopping channel seller reviews with your site. Many retailers already… > Read More


4 Google Updates, And How to Make More On Google This Q4 [Video]

Google Shopping Holiday Webinar Recording This month, Google announced  updates to Google Shopping Express, Hotel Finder right on the heels of October Google projects including Google Helpouts, and Shopping Campaigns. Lots of new programs, and feature updates all right before the highest… > Read More

Q4 holiday social strategy

Q4 2013 Ecommerce Strategy: Q4 Social Strategy

65% of Shoppers use social media to find holiday presents. How are you leveraging your social channels for the holiday season?  Social commerce can be difficult to track and quantify, but its revenue and traffic are no joke. Your social strategy for… > Read More


The 2015 Guide to Fulfillment by Amazon

How Professional Sellers Can Strategically Implement FBA

No thanks, I’m ok with my Amazon strategy.