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Google Shopping campaigns day parting

3 Google Shopping Campaigns Features You’re Not Using Correctly

Google Shopping Campaigns, the new Product Listing Ads uprooted Google Shopping completely this October, changing how online advertisers set up and manage Google Product ads. If you’re not familiar with Google Shopping Campaigns, check out our comprehensive guide which answers the following… > Read More

Google Ad Scheduling

How To Set Up Google Day Parting

Creating An Ad Schedule In The AdWords Login Google’s custom Ad Scheduling allows online advertisers to change when ads show up. Day parting or changing what day (time,etc) ads appear is a Google ad feature which can significantly improve your ad performance on… > Read More


Google Shopping Reviews: Adding Product & Seller Reviews

How to Add Product and Seller Reviews on Google Shopping Adding any type of review, product or seller, can be a significant addition to your Product Listing Ads because they enhance them with rich snippets and add social credibility. The reality is,… > Read More

Google Shopping campaigns switch

RIP Regular PLA Campaigns, Long Live Google Shopping Campaigns

Google announced today that it will be retiring the current PLA campaign type to be replaced by Google Shopping Campaigns by August 2014. Google advertisers have four months to migrate their Google Shopping ads, after which PLA campaigns will be automatically upgraded by… > Read More


Multiple Ad Groups In Beta for Google Shopping Campaigns

We’ve noticed that you can now create multiple ad groups for the new Shopping Campaigns format (may not be showing up for everyone). This is a significant and interesting addition considering the high degree of changes to campaign structuring that Shopping Campaigns introduced…. > Read More


The State of Google Shopping [Study]

Marin Software, a leading search marketing software platform, recently released their State of Google Shopping report, this time titled, “The Dramatic Rise of PLAs and Mobile Shopping.” Their study maintains Google Product Listing Ads are (to say the least) on the rise and… > Read More


Breaking News: Bing Product Ads Now Live

Today, Bing announced that their long awaited Bing Product Ads (BPA) program is live and available for all retail advertisers. The news is no doubt significant to retailers and retail advertisers, considering the amount of success that Google PLAs experienced when Product… > Read More

Google special offers

Google Special Offers Update Gives Retailers Search Advantage

What Are Google Special Offers? Google Special Offers also referred to as Merchant Promotions are an existing Google Shopping feature which merchants can use to promote store or product sales.  Online advertisers can feature coupons or promotions right in search alongside their product… > Read More


TheFind: We’re The Only Engine That Really Focuses On Helping Consumers

Late Q4 last year, Google Shopping came under fire for being “deceptive and unfair” by price gouging consumers. As one of the major consumer hubs during the holiday shopping season, this was pretty bad press for retailers and shoppers alike. SearchEngineLand then… > Read More


Google Bid Simulator Released for Shopping Campaigns

Thanks to our highly attentive Account Analyst team, it appears as if the Bid Simulator feature, which was rumored to be an eventual addition to the new Shopping Campaigns format, has finally rolled out. The Bid Simulator feature estimates a product’s impression… > Read More