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TheFind: We’re The Only Engine That Really Focuses On Helping Consumers

Late Q4 last year, Google Shopping came under fire for being “deceptive and unfair” by price gouging consumers. As one of the major… > Read More

Just Released: The Q4 2013 Shopping Engine Rankings

We just released The Q4 2013 Comparison Shopping Report today, our quarterly rankings of the best shopping engines for retailers to advertise on. As always,… > Read More

Seller Reviews: Small Addition, Big Impact

When you work with hundreds of retailers on a weekly basis, you tend to notice some trends. In a recent study, one obscure… > Read More

Comparison Shopping Engine Holiday Rate Cards for 2013

It’s about that time of the year again. Here are the public holiday rates for the comparison shopping engines so far. Check back… > Read More

Q4 Shopping channel tips

Q4 2013 Ecommerce Strategy: 7 Tips For Higher ROI On Your Shopping Channels

A recent Emarketer report predicts US retail ecommerce sales to total $259 billion for 2013, with a 14% in digital sales.  Are your… > Read More

“Tell Me and I Forget. Teach Me and I Remember. Involve Me and I Learn.”

Ben Franklin was a pretty smart guy and a heck of a wordsmith. He’s right, learning is an interactive activity. I just want… > Read More

PriceGrabber Bidding Tutorial [Video]

When it comes to comparison shopping management, if you’re not seeing the ideal results you want to achieve, it’s hard to know if… > Read More

The 3 Worst Things That Can Happen to Your Retail Business During Q4

It’s September now. Summer’s over. It’s going to start getting colder. Good. All the better for you to stay inside and do work…. > Read More

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5 Questions For Comparison Shopping Engine Compatibility

When you  meet someone new there are usually 2-3 questions most people ask, basically a miniature friend interview. So what do you do… > Read More

Price Comparison Websites – Best Practices for Expansion

When it comes to marketing on price comparison websites, a.k.a. comparison shopping engines, there’s a strong tendency to get stuck on Google Shopping… > Read More