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Google Search Partners, Analysis of Traffic for Google Shopping

Google Search Partners: Google Shopping Traffic Last year, Google provided advertisers with an option to enable their PLAs to show on site search results pages across the search partners network. Search Partners are sites in the Search Network that partner with Google to show ads. Search partners extend… > Read More


The Pros & Cons of Product Level Ad Groups in Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping Campaigns: Product Level Data If you have a large data feed some marketers feel that managing bids at a product level is completely unrealistic, which is why many retailers segment their products based on attributes such as brand, category, product type, etc. In some… > Read More

dynamic retargeting

Dynamic Retargeting: Analysis of Google Remarketing Strategies

Google Remarketing Strategies Remarketing allows retailers to show ads to people who have previously visited their website or used their mobile app. Dynamic remarketing takes this a step further by allowing retailers to show previous visitors ads that contain products and services they viewed on their site…. > Read More

youtube advertising

YouTube Advertising for Retailers

The YouTube Advertising Guide For Retailers Since it’s founding in February 2005, YouTube has gathered billions of users to the platform to discover and share videos. It has also become a platform for brands, creators and users to connect with each other… > Read More

google shopping black friday

What Happened on Google Shopping Over Black Friday Weekend?

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Roundup Considered the biggest shopping days of the year, Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday was predicted to drive a total of $11 billion in online sales, 15 percent more than 2014, according to Adobe. Based on CPC Strategy’s data,… > Read More


The Phased Approach to Amazon Sponsored Products: Product Content Evaluation

Strategy for Automatic & Manual Campaigns Series Sponsored Products is one of the most powerful tools for driving discoverability and incremental sales for Amazon sellers. Sponsored Products ads (as seen below) can impact a seller’s overall Marketplace Strategy by: Providing an acceleration program for newer or… > Read More


Identify Missing Traffic With New Google Shopping Click Share

Introducing Google Shopping Click Share Google recently announced a new metric called “Click share” that can be used to help retailers identify when they are potentially missing out on traffic. As seen in the example below, Click share is calculated by the… > Read More

google shopping-optimization

Expert Q&A on Google Product Feed Optimization Before Holiday Sales Rush

2015 Holiday Google Product Feed Optimization Google Shopping will be a primary sales channel for many retailers this Black Friday, but in order to hit ROI targets and increase campaign profitability, retail marketers need an advanced product feed optimization strategy. Jason Bell,… > Read More


The Pros and Cons of Google Merchant Center Feed Rules

Introducing Google Merchant Center Feed Rules Google is currently experimenting with “Feed Rules” a new feature within their Merchant Center. The beta program (currently available in a limited number of Merchant Center accounts) offers a way for retailers to transform their data directly within GMC. With… > Read More


How to Integrate Penny-Bidding into Your Google Product Feed

Benefits of Penny-Bidding in Google Product Feed Generally, when retailers submit their product feed to Google Shopping- they tend to exclude some of their less popular items. The thought process behind this is – “Why would I want to submit a product that… > Read More


The Fulfillment by Amazon Guide

How Professional Sellers Can Strategically Implement FBA