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Bing AdWords editor

Bing Ads Editor Test Run

I’m relatively new to Bing Ads. Coming from someone who uses the AdWords Editor on a daily basis, I haven’t been the biggest… > Read More

Bing Shopping = Bing

Bing is going to integrate listings into their existing Bing Shopping results. This is a big win for as Bing instantly becomes their… > Read More

How to migrate your Bing Shopping account to Microsoft’s adCenter

Today Bing Shopping merchants still using the old merchant center were sent information on Bing Shopping’s migration to Microsoft’s adCenter (if you haven’t… > Read More

Merchant Best Practices with Bing Shopping – Part II

A Look Back at Cashback Last month we took a look at how the new Bing Shopping compares to the now extinct Bing… > Read More

Bing Launches Rewards Program

Today the Bing Community blog announced the launch of Bing Rewards, a program that gives users the opportunity to earn credits “for searching… > Read More

CPC Strategy Clients can get Pre-Approved on Bing Shopping

Bing Cashback, Microsoft’s cost per sale comparison shopping engine, is becoming a free CSE starting July 31. If you’re a CPC Strategy client… > Read More

Microsoft to Shut Bing Cashback Down

In what is undoubtedly tragic news for merchants around the web, Microsoft has announced in a tweet that they are shutting their (what… > Read More

Bing's Double Cashback for Clunkers Prematurely Ends

What do you do when your promotion runs more wildly popular than you could ever have hoped for? You end it of course…. > Read More

Microsoft's Bing Cashback Helps Users Get Discount off Apple's iPhone

It isn’t too often that you see the words “Microsoft”, “Apple”, and “help” bundled together in the same sentence–without the words “push off… > Read More

"Bing Cashback" is the New "Live Cashback"

Microsoft has just officially launched its new search engine, Bing, which some facetiously say stands for either “But It’s Not Google” or, as… > Read More

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