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The 2017 Amazon Prime Day Sales Recap

It should come as no surprise that Amazon Prime members recently enjoyed the biggest global shopping event in Amazon history. FREE GUIDE: The… > Read More

amazon private labels

The Complete List of Amazon’s Private Label Brands

If you purchase from Amazon often, chances are you’re not just using the site’s distribution and shipping channels anymore. With dozens upon dozens… > Read More

amazon promotions

How To Create Your Own Amazon Promotions in Seller Central

Discounts and promotions are not only a powerful advertising tool, but they also allow Amazon sellers to gain awareness and increase sales directly to… > Read More

emojis on amazon

What’s the Deal With Emojis in Amazon Product Descriptions?

Update: We’ve just discovered that Amazon has disabled the External Benefits Promotion type. We will update the post if this is temporary. We’ve… > Read More

amazon buys whole foods

Will Amazon Dominate Food Retail with Whole Foods Purchase?

Today, Amazon announced they will acquire Whole Foods Market for $42 per share in an all-cash transaction valued at approximately $13.7 billion. As… > Read More

amazon prime day

How Can My Business Capitalize on Amazon Prime Day 2017?

With Amazon Prime Day, (July 11th) just around the corner, it’s never too early to start prepping for what is considered one of… > Read More

amazon jeff bezos quote

Weddings, Pharma, Furniture–What Industry Will Amazon Disrupt Next?

“There’s no rest. We can’t rest on our laurels,” said Jeff Bezos at a recent Amazon shareholder meeting. Like most incredibly successful businessmen, the… > Read More

amazon sellers infographic

The Future of Sellers on Amazon [Infographic]

A couple months ago, JungleScout sent out an Amazon survey to their list, and received almost 2,500 answers. Their goal was to get a better understanding… > Read More

amazon two step verification

Amazon Two Step Verification: Deadlines & Set Up Process For Sellers

It’s one of those announcements as a Seller you could easily miss but definitely don’t want to. According to Amazon, access to Seller… > Read More

amazon vs google

The Amazon vs Google Comparison

Amazon and Google have quickly become the two largest channels in the discussion of online retail. But if you think you can implement… > Read More

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