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amazon two step verification

Amazon Two Step Verification: Deadlines & Set Up Process For Sellers

It’s one of those announcements as a Seller you could easily miss but definitely don’t want to. According to Amazon, access to Seller… > Read More

amazon counterfeit

Amazon Finally Takes Legal Action Against Counterfeit Sellers

On Monday, Amazon filed a lawsuit against several sellers and companies in Florida, New York, and California who were involved in selling counterfeit… > Read More

How to Get Your Brand Gated on Amazon, According to a Lawyer

Recently, we shared a post covering the truth about Amazon’s new Brand Gating policy, and how it will affect sellers. We got floods of… > Read More

amazon brand gate

Amazon Brand Gating Effects on Sellers: What’s True and What’s False?

Amazon Brand Gating Over the past several weeks, many resellers have seen this note from Amazon in their inbox: Effective on 8/23, you… > Read More

unauthorized reseller

7 Lawyer-Recommended Ways to Combat Amazon Listing Hijackers

How to Deal With Amazon Listing Hijackers If you’ve noticed an upswing in Amazon listing hijackers, you’re not alone. Listing hijackers can wreak… > Read More

How to Protect Your Amazon Product Listings & Brand Name

Protect Your Amazon Product Listings & Brand As a brand selling on Amazon, you may find yourself fighting off unauthorized sellers while Amazon… > Read More

How ASIN Merging Impacts Amazon Vendor Brand Protection

How Does ASIN Merging Impact Amazon Vendors? ASIN merging is just one of the many ways manufacturers (vendors) can combat unauthorized sellers on Amazon…. > Read More

45 Amazon Brand Policing & Protection Questions – Answered

Policing Your Brand on Amazon For years, brands have continuously knocked on Amazon’s door to ask them to enforce punishment on unauthorized re-sellers for… > Read More

How to Effectively Police Your Brand on Amazon – Live Q&A

60 minute Q&A with our Amazon Experts For years, brands have continuously knocked on Amazon’s door to ask them to enforce punishment on… > Read More

Brand Enforcement: Actionable Steps Brands Can Take Against MAP Violators

Policing Your Brand on Amazon Series Part 3: Brand Enforcement In the following blog series, “Protecting Your Brand on Amazon“, we address common concerns from copyright / trademark… > Read More