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amazon vendor operations

What You Should Know About CPC Strategy’s Amazon Vendor Operations Program

All vendors focused on growing their partnership with Amazon need to be invested in an ongoing, data-driven process to manage their Amazon operations…. > Read More

end of amazon vendor express

The End of Amazon Vendor Express

According to reports, on May 21, 2018 Amazon will stop issuing purchase orders through Amazon Vendor Express and will shut down the entire… > Read More

Amazon Marketing Services Release New Custom Date Range & Reporting Tools

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) new custom date range and reporting features are just the latest in a wave of updates to the advertising platform…. > Read More

free A+ content

Amazon Announces New Free A+ Content for Vendors

Free A+ Content for Vendors? Yup, you read that right and we spotted it first! A+ Content Creation & Management Solution for Vendors… > Read More

Introducing Amazon Prime Samples for Vendors

Amazon recently rolled out  Amazon Prime Samples, a new program that allows Prime members to try samples of products. Shoppers can purchase a… > Read More

amazon store

Are You Missing Out On Sales By Directing Traffic to Your Discontinued Amazon Brand Page?

UPDATE: (3/22/2018) Amazon has officially discontinued Amazon Brand Pages, an Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) advertising feature that allows brands to send their traffic to… > Read More

New A++ Content on the Horizon for Vendors?

Although there is no official news release from Amazon (yet), it looks like the Marketplace is testing out some pretty cool new interactive… > Read More

Headline Search Ads in Seller Central Now Available to 3Ps

Amazon recently introduced Headline Search Ads for Third Party Sellers in Seller Central. Although this is pretty exciting news for 3Ps there is… > Read More

amazon stores

Amazon Stores | A Complete Guide (2018)

Amazon now offers “Amazon Stores” a free self-service product that allows brand owners to design and create multipage stores to showcase their brands,… > Read More

amazon fresh and prime pantry

Should Retailers Sell on Amazon Fresh or Prime Pantry?

23% of American households currently buy their groceries online. That number will leap to over 70% within 10 years, according to a recent report by… > Read More