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Tara graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a B.S. in Journalism / Business. Her passion for creative publishing and quality reporting landed her work opportunities at several companies in Massachusetts, New York and California. She is a leading voice behind CPC Strategy’s Blog.

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amazon advertising rebranding

Amazon Advertising | Rebranding Efforts For AMG, AMS, & AAP

As of today, Amazon is rebranding all of their AMG, AMS, & AAP features under a new name called, “Amazon Advertising”. Taking a… > Read More

amazon a to z claims

How to Deal With Amazon A-to-z Claims

In the event a customer purchases an item from a Third Party seller and something goes wrong (for example, it fails to deliver… > Read More

amazon a+ premium content

Premium A+ Content for Vendors | The Complete Guide

In 2017, Amazon started testing out some pretty cool new interactive features for their A+ Content offering for Vendors. FREE GUIDE: The Brand’s… > Read More

amazon a+ content

What is Amazon A+ Content?

Vendors have the option to sign up for Amazon A+ Content, a program that promises to enhance your product detail page with visuals and… > Read More

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content | Ultimate Guide

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) was introduced to sellers in 2016. This premium content feature allows Brand Registered Sellers to showcase the unique… > Read More

amazon attribution

What is Amazon Attribution? [New Insight From the Amazon Experts]

For the first time, using Amazon Attribution, brands can measure the impact of display, search, and video channels based on how consumers discover,… > Read More

amazon stores guide

Amazon Brand Stores | A Complete Guide (2018)

Amazon is always creating new ways to empower brands, and creative content is one of the biggest ways to establish your brand equity… > Read More

amazon inventory tools

The Best Amazon Inventory Management Tools

When it comes to selling on Amazon, there’s one thing that can make or break you: your inventory (or more specifically, how you… > Read More

global site tag

How to Install the New Global Sitewide Tag on Google, Shopify, and More

To keep up with changes in browser technology and how cookies are handled, all retailers should replace their legacy conversion tags on their… > Read More


How to Set Up Google Customer Reviews (And Why You Should Do It Now)

“Google Customer Reviews” is a free program that gives allows sellers to collect feedback from customers who make purchases on their website. Customer… > Read More

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