Tara Johnson

Tara graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a B.S. in Journalism / Business. Her passion for creative publishing and quality reporting landed her work opportunities at several companies in Massachusetts, New York and California. She is a leading voice behind CPC Strategy’s Blog.

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Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Sponsored Products

As an agency managing hundreds of sellers, we know that Amazon Sponsored Products is and will continue to be one of the most… > Read More


Target Customers on the Go With Hyperlocal Geofencing Ads

It sounds shocking, but today’s average consumer checks their phone about 80 times a day—almost twice that if they’re a Millennial. Wouldn’t it… > Read More

What Are The Best Landing Page Tools for Retailers?

Advertising online without a landing page is like taking a road trip without a destination. It leaves the user lost, meandering through your… > Read More


Can Google In Market Audiences Improve Conversion Rate?

Sometimes, online advertising can feel like shooting in the dark. Sure, there are few targeting options you can check off, and maybe you… > Read More

Registration Open for 2017 Q4 Amazon Virtual Summit

The holiday shopping rush is on the horizon. Therefore, CPC Strategy is bringing back our Q4 Amazon Virtual Summit. This year’s Q4 Summit is… > Read More

amazon prime

Do Amazon Prime Members Really Spend More Than Non Members?

Amazon Prime is an exclusive, members-only program that offers online shoppers access to select content, cash-back opportunities and fast, free shipping. It’s also… > Read More

Google, Amazon, & PPC Experts: What Retail Brands Need to Know for Q4

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about Q4 bid increases, ad copy, or inventory preparation – you are not alone. Q4 can be the most… > Read More

Facebook Power Editor Merges with Ads Manager

Historically, the Facebook Power Editor has been useful for A/B testing your ads, creating lead generation forms, and monitoring campaigns. The only catch? It’s pretty complicated… > Read More

Seller Doubles Sales with CPC Strategy’s Amazon Bid Technology

In an ideal world, every product sold on Amazon deserves to be treated as it’s own business, but in reality – managing hundreds or… > Read More

social media lead generation

How To Perfect Your Social Media Lead Generation Strategy

Thanks to the web, there are now thousands of ways to generate leads—and good ones, too. There’s SEO, which drives more users to… > Read More

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