Tara Johnson

Tara graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a B.S. in Journalism / Business. Her passion for creative publishing and quality reporting landed her work opportunities at several companies in Massachusetts, New York and California. She is a leading voice behind CPC Strategy’s Blog.

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facebook custom creative placement

Introducing The New Facebook Customize Creative Assets by Placement Tool

Facebook’s inability to inherently adapt creative assets to each unique ad placement has long been a gripe among advertisers Until recently, advertisers basically… > Read More

facebook advertising success

4 Facebook Advertising Success Stories You Won’t Believe

In 2018 Facebook announced they will be updating the way they rank content in their News Feed – and it’s likely to have… > Read More

translate international ad

How Global Brands Translate International Ad Copy & Creative

When ad copy is translated into another language, because of the cultural differences, sometimes the original meaning is lost. If you’re a big… > Read More

Carousel Ads for Instagram Stories

New Carousel Ads for Instagram Stories Testing Begins

Starting this month, (select) advertisers will have access to Facebook’s latest beta program: Carousel Ads for Instagram Stories. According to the announcement, the… > Read More

Amazon Spark

Amazon Spark: The Social Platform for Prime Members

The retailer that claims more than a third of all e-commerce business in the U.S. is taking steps to boost that share even… > Read More

Is Amazon Updating Their Feedback Email Policy To Limit Email Communication With Customers?

UPDATE: The new policy update we discuss in this article is based on an announcement from FeedbackFive. We reached out to our own Amazon… > Read More

amazon advertising technology

Why You Need Technology to Manage Amazon Advertising & What To Look For in a Software Program

As an agency managing hundreds of Vendors and Sellers, we know how beneficial the right advertising technology can be to help you optimize… > Read More

google custom intent audiences

What are Google Custom Intent Audiences?

As part of its mass release of new features late last year, Google rolled out a new targeting tool for its Display Network… > Read More

google data driven model

Advertising Experts Test The Google Data-Driven Attribution Model

One of the latest models introduced to help advertisers gain a better understanding of attribution is Google Data-driven. What is the Google Data-Driven… > Read More

Amazon Testing New Custom Landing Page for Headline Search Ads

Amazon is now testing a new design & layout for custom landing pages for Headline Search Ads. As seen in the example below,… > Read More

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