Rick Backus

Rick is the CEO of CPC Strategy. He started working with online retailers at PriceGrabber and co-founded CPC Strategy in January of 2007. Today CPC Strategy manages the comparison shopping campaigns for over 100 retailers.

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competitive intelligence tools

5 Must Have Competitive Intelligence Tools for Retailers

Are you looking for a great way to track your competitors and ensure your retail business is staying profitable in your marketplace?  Keeping tabs on your competitors can be difficult. Are you price competitive? Are they running any great promotions? Generally the… > Read More


How Tom Brady & Bill Belichick Would Manage A Google Product Listing Ads Account

Yesterday the Patriots lost to Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship. Despite the loss, the Patriots dominance over the last decade can’t be denied. *Image Credit to http://waldersworldofsports.com/ We have a couple of hardcore sports fans at CPC… > Read More


5 Loco Local Mobile Statistics [Infographic]

Location based mobile ads are a great way to add value to consumers and encourage people to visit your store. They are a good idea for brick and mortar retailers, as well as those with a physical and online presence. 57% of… > Read More

Mobile traffic for cyber monday

Mobile Traffic Key Element For Cyber Monday [Infographic]

2013 Mobile traffic for the Holiday shopping weekend increased 29% for online retailers this year, with a 17% increase in revenue and 2.78% conversion rate. Mobile traffic on cyber Monday has grown 550% according to this mobile study: 2013 Mobile Performance Mobile… > Read More


Mobile User Habits Study [Infographic]

Mobile User Behavior: How is the Mobile Audience Engaging Online? You just started wrapping your mind around how to market your business online, and before you could blink, mobile technology took the world by storm, not only compounding the prevalence of internet… > Read More


Mobile Monopoly: Mobile Users & Major Platorm [Infographic]

By the end of 2013, there will be more mobile devices globally than people. Half of those device users admit that their mobile phones are their primary way of accessing the web. The future of online marketing is rooted in mobile sales. Check… > Read More


7 Tips for Starting A Successful Ecommerce Business

An ecommerce business can be a great way to make a living, but if you don’t do it right, your earnings will be lackluster. Things like a quality website, a reliable shopping cart service, customer guarantees and traffic-generating efforts will go a… > Read More


Don’t Miss Out On Q4 Sales: Check Out The Shopping Feed Guide

For the winter, my metabolism and oxygen consumption will drop by 75% while I hibernate. Take a number ladies. You on the other hand, need to ramp up your ecommerce strategy for Q4, the highest volume for ecommerce merchants. Want More Conversions? Be… > Read More


6 Strategies to Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping Cart Abandonment Best Practices For most retailers, shopping cart abandonment is rampant. There’s nothing worse than a customer entering the checkout process only to close out their browser before finalizing the transaction. It’s a trend that results in tons of lost… > Read More


Ecommerce SEO: How to Choose the Right SEO Agency

This is a guest post by Gary Magnone. Gary is the Founder and Chief Strategist at Highrise, a consultancy specializing in online marketing and growth strategy for startups.  Hiring an SEO company is never an easy process. Unless you’re getting a glowing recommendation… > Read More