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Rick Backus

Rick is the CEO of CPC Strategy. He started working with online retailers at PriceGrabber and co-founded CPC Strategy in January of 2007. Today CPC Strategy manages the comparison shopping campaigns for over 100 retailers.

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How Tom Brady & Bill Belichick Would Manage A Google Product Listing Ads Account

Yesterday the Patriots lost to Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship. Despite the loss, the Patriots dominance over the last decade can’t be denied. *Image Credit to http://waldersworldofsports.com/ We have a couple of hardcore sports fans at CPC… > Read More

IRCE 2013 Thumbnail

IRCE 2013 Video Recap

The Internet Retailer Conference is by far the largest eCommerce show in the world. The 2013 version had over 9,500 attendees and 600 exhibitors! Check out the video recap below to get our take on the show: Video Cliffs: 1. Inbound Marketing… > Read More

Shopzilla Twix

Shopzilla Lawsuit Leads To Red Wine & A Box Of Twix

In a bizarre turn of events Shopzilla UK dropped a lawsuit against British agency Datadial and made up for the erroneous lawsuit with a box of Twix and some red wine: Datadial wrote a detailed post outlining the entire ordeal and here are the cliffs: Datadial… > Read More


The CPC Strategy Harlem Shake

You knew it was coming! Here at CPC Strategy we don’t take ourselves too seriously so we HAD to film our version of the viral video craze sweeping the nation.   Here is what to look out for in our version of… > Read More

Lance and Rick Video Interview

CPC Strategy Video Interview Series: Meet Lance Negron!

Are you ready for some LanceSpiration??? This past weekend I had the pleasure of interviewing Lance Negron who is an Account Manager here at CPC Strategy. I have always found Lance to be extremely inspiring and I think a lot of people… > Read More

The New Google Shopping

Google Shopping Update: 5 Things You Need To Know Today

1) Free product level traffic from Google’s main search results is officially dead. However you can still receive free product traffic from shopping.google.com until October.   2) Google is going to start charging for clicks on shopping.google.com as soon as July 23rd.  … > Read More

google trusted stores large logo

Google Trusted Stores: A Potential Game Changer in eCommerce

Google Trusted Stores officially opened its application process to all U.S. merchants on June 7th, after a successful beta test with a small group that began in October 2011. The goal is to offer shoppers a way to identify trustworthy merchants who… > Read More

Top 10 Personalization Vendors

IRCE 2012 Vendor Scouting Report: Top 10 Personalization Exhibitors

Whether you are attended the Internet Retailer conference in Chiacago last week or not, narrowing down your search for a new vendor can be a huge challenge for merchants. Luckily for you we have over 130 clients that help us figure out… > Read More

Amir Farhi

Free Webinar: Should eCommerce Merchants Netotiate With Their Customers?

No we did not make a typo in the title of this post. Netotiate is a new platform that gives customers the option of negotiating with online retailers. Think Priceline for eCommerce. It’s an interesting concept and with Amazon training shoppers to… > Read More

Content Is King

The Content Marketing Strategy Guide For Retailers

What’s the role of content in comparison shopping? Content marketing is getting tons of attention from marketing experts but most retailers are still trying to fine tune their content marketing strategy. We’ve been told that content is king but does it rule… > Read More