Nii A. Ahene

Nii A. Ahene

Nii is COO of CPC Strategy, a shopping feed management agency and is responsible for day-to-day business operations and long-term financial, tactical and strategic planning for the company. He has been with CPC Strategy since January of 2007. Prior to working with CPC Strategy, Nii was a product manager at eBay working on algorithmic merchandising and reviews and guides.

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Three Bold Internet Marketing Predictions for Advertisers in 2014

It’s fairly straightforward to make predictions about larger trends that we’ll see in the year ahead by looking at the momentum we’ve seen in the previous year. It probably does not come as a shock to anyone in the retail space to… > Read More

Google Glass

Google Glass – First Impressions

I had a chance to test drive the new Google Glass at a meetup that our friends over at MJD Interactive hosted last month. Kudos to MJD for hosting a demo day where San Diego based technology start-ups, digital agencies, and companies… > Read More


Conversion Rate Optimization Round table – 11 Conversion Rate Experts Weigh In

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Google Buys Channel Intelligence for 125 Million Dollars – What Does It Really Mean?

One of the downsides to being based on the west coast in sunny San Diego, California is that when deals get done at 9 am on the east coast, we tend to find out as we’re waking up, straining to open our… > Read More

5 Tips For Increasing Qualified Paid Search Traffic to Your eCommerce Store for Holiday 2012

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Winning the Buy Box on

As many of you know we’ve recently entered the beta testing phase of Rev By CPC Strategy, our Amazon Integration Platform. We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from clients that have used the platform and are excited to be moving towards… > Read More


Q and A with Sangram Kadam of Ordoro – Emerging eCommerce Spotlight

As some of you know, a few members of the CPC Strategy Team traveled to Chicago earlier this month to exhibit at the Internet Retailer Conference. There we had a chance to chat with Sangram Kadam, Co-Founder of Ordoro. Sangram spent the first 5 years… > Read More


Q and A with Ty McMahan of STELLAService – Emerging eCommerce Spotlight

With both Amazon and Google pushing customer service metrics to the forefront of the eCommerce buying experience it’s becoming increasingly clear that delivering quality customer care and support will continue go grow as a key differentiator for online retailers as opposed to… > Read More


Q and A with Damon Schechter of Shipwire – Emerging eCommerce Technology Spotlight

Even the most novice eCommerce Retailer knows that the job isn’t done after a customer enters their credit card, hits submit and checks out of a shopping cart. Most, no doubt, have little problem picking, packing, and shipping orders to domestic customers…. > Read More


BazaarVoice To Buy Rival PowerReviews For $151MM

Looks like the world of online seller reviews is getting a bit smaller. BazaarVoice announced today that it would acquire Power Reviews for $151 million dollars. As we’ve mentioned in the past collecting and distributing merchant ratings is a great way of… > Read More