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Mary Weinstein is the Director of Content at CPC Strategy, and an expert in Retail Search, Google Shopping and Digital Marketing. A NY native, Mary spends her time educating online merchants, hiking and drinking copious amounts of coffee. You can also find her work on SEW, SEMRush, MOZ and Practical Ecommerce.

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Win Amazon buy box share

Sell on Amazon: How to Win the Buy Box

$56 billion of Amazon’s $62 billion sales happen through Amazon’s buy box. How often are you winning the Buy Box? What’s the Buy… > Read More

retail search news

This Week in Retail Search 1/12/15

Retail Search Weekly News Roundup Leading, Reliable, and Updated News on Retail, Digital Marketing, Tech and Ecommerce As an ecommerce professional, it is… > Read More

google calendar hacks

20 Indispensable Google Calendar Hacks

If you’re anything like me, you’ll quickly find your Google calendar filled to the brim with appointments, meetings, conference calls and anything and… > Read More

Facebook networking and online sales

Facebook vs. LinkedIn Networking [Infographic]

Facebook is by far the world’s largest social networking site, but few people consider using it as a platform for forming business connections…. > Read More

This Week in Retail Search 1/4/15

Retail Search Weekly News Recap Leading, Reliable, and Updated News on Retail, Digital Marketing, Tech and Ecommerce 2014 saw major changes in ecommerce,… > Read More

amazon selling mistakes

18 Easy-to-Avoid Amazon Selling Fails

Amazon has very clear selling policies and outlines best practices and mistakes to avoid for Amazon retailers within Seller Central [login required]. Below are… > Read More

Amazon product page conversion

Your Amazon Product Information Reeks and is Costing You Sales

It’s possible that you aren’t selling more on Amazon because your product information stinks. Many Amazon sellers focus on bidding and Buy Box optimizations… > Read More

Amazon prime now same day delivery

Amazon Stays One Step Ahead of Google: Delivery Wars

Amazon created some hubbub this month with the announcement of one-hour deliveries featured by Prime Now, right on the heels of Google’s Shopping… > Read More

8 Lessons Marketers Can Learn From Santa [Infographic]

Strong department leadership is a major indicator for department success. Below are 8 leadership qualities good management should embody to improve the productivity… > Read More

psychology and selling

How Marketers Use Psychology to Sell [Infographic]

So much of language is unspoken. 55% of communication is body language, compared with 38% from voice tonality, and 7% from spoken word…. > Read More

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