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Mary Weinstein

Mary Weinstein is the Director of Content at CPC Strategy, with extensive experience in all things retail search, Ecommerce, Google Shopping and digital marketing. A NY native, Mary spends her time educating online merchants, hiking and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

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Google Shopping campaigns day parting

3 Google Shopping Campaigns Features You’re Not Using Correctly

Google Shopping Campaigns, the new Product Listing Ads uprooted Google Shopping completely this October, changing how online advertisers set up and manage Google Product ads. If you’re not familiar with Google Shopping Campaigns, check out our comprehensive guide which answers the following… > Read More

Google Shopping campaigns switch

RIP Regular PLA Campaigns, Long Live Google Shopping Campaigns

Google announced today that it will be retiring the current PLA campaign type to be replaced by Google Shopping Campaigns by August 2014. Google advertisers have four months to migrate their Google Shopping ads, after which PLA campaigns will be automatically upgraded by… > Read More

Google consumer reviews

Should I Use Google Consumer Surveys?

Google Consumer Surveys (or ratings) have been available for several hundred businesses in the U.S., U.K., and Canada since 2012, but are widely misunderstood and under used. Here’s what you need to know about Google Consumer Surveys, why the recent update is… > Read More

cart abandonment

Top Cart Abandonment Questions

Last week we hosted a Revenue retention webinar with UpSellIt which highlighted how to keep customers in from leaving at all stages of the sales funnel. Here are some of the Cart Abandonment questions Rick and Max answered following the webinar. Cart… > Read More

shopping cart abandonment

How Can I Keep People On My Site? [Video]

This month we hosted a Cart Abandonment and Revenue Retention Webinar with UpSellIt. Watch the video below for insider tips on how to reduce Cart abandonment at all stages of the shopping funnel. Reduce Cart Abandonment at all Stages of the Shopping… > Read More

cart abandonment

TODAY: Shopping Cart Abandonment Webinar

Retailers lose 18 billion in revenue annually due to shopping cart abandonment, and 90% of online leads go cold after one hour. Learn how to use Google Shopping and proprietary customer retention strategies to regain cart abandoners and prevent shoppers from leaving at all… > Read More

reduce shopping cart abandonment

Why People Leave Your Site and How To Fix It

2 Types of Site Abandonment You’re Ignoring Cart abandonment is a major concern for online retailers, with over $18 billion in lost sales a year and 67% of site traffic abandoning the cart without converting. As important as cart abandonment is, there… > Read More

shopping cart abandonment

Reduce Cart Abandonment & Drive Site Traffic [Video]

97% of site visitors who add something to the cart never convert. That’s over half of the people who visit your site add that an item to the cart but never complete a transaction. Learn how to identify and capture conversions for… > Read More

leave cart

22 Insane Shopping Cart Abandonment Statistics

Most shoppers do not make a purchase the first time they visit a site, and many consistently add items to a shopping cart without making a purchase. Below are 22 astounding yet telling shopping cart abandonment statistics. 22 Shopping Cart Abandonment Facts… > Read More

reduce shopping cart bounce rate

Shopping Cart Abandonment Visitor Behavior [Infographic]

On Average, 67% of shoppers abandon the shopping cart without making a purchase. Check out this infographic on Shopping Cart Abandonment for some interesting insights on shopping cart absconders: Looking to reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment? Tune in to our webinar Thursday March… > Read More