Leanna Kelly

Leanna graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University (NJ) in 2012 with a BA in Creative Writing and lived in NYC for two years. In 2014, she returned to her home state of California where she enjoys eating too many fish tacos, skipping winter, and writing quality web content for CPC Strategy. Follow her on Twitter @slylikeasmeagol.

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google adwords optimization tips

Google AdWords Optimization Checklist to Beat the Competition in Q4

Google/Alphabet raked in 26.06 billion in Q4 last year, and aggregate paid clicks were up +36% from Q4 2015. We’re expecting great things… > Read More

back to school on amazon ad strategy

Sell More on Amazon During the Back-to-School Season

Back-to-school sales this year are predicted to beat last year by +4.0% or $74.03 billion, according to eMarketer. Predictably, many shoppers will be turning… > Read More

drop shipping tools

Invaluable Drop Shipping Tools & Platforms

Drop shipping (otherwise known as direct-to-consumer fulfillment) gives you the ability to purchase a product from a manufacturer and ship it directly to… > Read More

social media marketing tools

Social Media Marketing Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Manually setting up and maintaining a full marketing plan is not just archaic–it’s also not scalable. Third party developers have been hard at… > Read More

facebook vs google ads

Google versus Facebook: Which One’s Better for Retailers?

2 billion people log into Facebook every month, and 2 million advertisers use the platform to reach them. Google gets 3.5 billion searches every… > Read More

set up instagram ads in power editor

How to Create Instagram Ads in Power Editor

Instagram ads give retailers and brands the opportunity to reach 600 million people–26% of whom earn a salary of 75K+. And the best… > Read More

seo tools for ecommerce

Powerful Ecommerce SEO Tools

Ranking well on a search engine like Google isn’t easy. But it is crucial, because: 93% of online experiences start with a search… > Read More

product photography tips

DIY Product Photography Tips, Tricks, & Tools

Using high-quality images to showcase your products can make the difference between a winning conversion and no sale at all. According to BigCommerce,… > Read More

pos systems for retailers

Top Multichannel POS Systems for Retailers

Are you happy with your current POS system, or do you feel like it could be better? There are plenty of options for… > Read More

a guide to selling on costco

How to Get Your Products into Costco | The Complete Guide

It’s one of the few brick and mortars surviving–no, thriving–in a post-Amazon retail world. Costco’s customers are incredibly loyal and accustomed to a… > Read More

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