Leanna Kelly

Leanna graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University (NJ) in 2012 with a BA in Creative Writing and lived in NYC for two years. In 2014, she returned to her home state of California where she enjoys eating too many fish tacos, skipping winter, and writing quality web content for CPC Strategy. Follow her on Twitter @slylikeasmeagol.

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is it time to invest in a facebook agency

4 Ways to Tell if You Should Hire a Facebook Ad Agency

You’re running Dynamic Ads. You’re retargeting your ecommerce site visitors. You’re building lookalike audiences off every list you own. And you’re still not seeing… > Read More

how to find the best facebook ad agency

What to Look for in a Facebook Ad Agency (Before You Sign a Contract)

“Ad Buying on Facebook Just Got More TV-Like”, read an AdAge headline in 2016. While the article referenced “day parting” and other traditional media… > Read More

google merchant center auto item update

Get an Email About Automatic Item Updates? Here’s What Google Actually Means

Yesterday, Google sent out two emails to their Google Shopping Merchants, both referencing something called “automatic item updates.” Everyone on the Merchant Center… > Read More

alibaba ceo jack ma speaking at conference

Alibaba: What You Need to Know About the World’s Largest B2B Ecommerce Marketplace

Founded in 1999 by Jack Ma—who claims to have no knowledge of coding and very little experience with computers—Alibaba is an unlikely retail… > Read More

selling fair trade products online

Value Beyond a Price Tag: Selling Fair Trade Products Online in the Age of Amazon

What does it take to launch a fair trade business in the age of Amazon? A lot more than you think. SLATE +… > Read More

amazon handmade vs etsy

Will Amazon Handmade Kill Etsy?

“Etsy” is a word that’s become synonymous with crafts and handmade goods. Just last year, the company watched 30 million shoppers spend over $2.8… > Read More

top amazon conferences

Top 9 Conferences for Amazon Sellers in 2018

Those who follow the internet retail industry are well-aware of the potential marketplace Amazon presents to both high-volume vendors and first-time business owners…. > Read More

top ecommerce blogs

14 Ecommerce Blogs You Should Already be Following

Raise your hand if you were the last to hear about Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods. If you’re always the last to hear… > Read More

email for ecommerce

5 Email Platforms for Retailers: An Expert’s Opinion

Ecommerce email marketing programs have taken a giant leap forward in segmentation, UX, and CRM integrations over the last few years. But how… > Read More

dormify college dorm shopping

How Dormify is Winning Over Gen Z & Millennials, One Duvet at a Time

Remember when you and your college friends shopped for the same boring twin extra-long sheets and bed risers at the same brick and… > Read More

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