Katen Raj

Katen is an Account Manager at CPC Strategy and works with e-Commerce merchants to get the most out of their PPC Campaigns. Using cutting edge techniques and strategic insight, Katen works to optimize the return for a variety of online retailers. Before joining the team Katen graduated from the University of California San Diego, with a double major in Economics and Psychology.

Recent Posts by Katen Raj


The Free Shipping Formula for Online Retailers

There is something decidedly special about offering free shipping. Whether it’s because everyone loves free stuff or paying for shipping is extra painful, I can safely say: sales volume will increase when you offer Free shipping. Free Shipping taps into the dark… > Read More


5 Ways to Increase Email Marketing Conversion Rates

Email lists are a valuable part of any E-Commerce repertoire. Each email is a reflection of the time, money and hours spent turning hard earned traffic into sales. Now how do you turn those sales into repeat customers?  Here are 5 ways… > Read More

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Amazon Marketplace Poaches Extra Sales through Webstores

Before I begin, I must first pay my respects to the almighty Amazon as a consumer. Amazon you are the King of all things E-Commerce, the ace in the hole, the Great Bambino – You are Peyton Manning to the Denver Broncos…. > Read More


Make More Money Using Ad Extensions

AdWords Ad extensions provide extra information for potential customers.  They enhance your standard Ad to include additional business info and lead to higher CTRs. The extensions appear alongside your Ad on Google.com and most times across the display network. I wouldn’t recommend coming right… > Read More


Bidding and Budget Options on Google AdWords

You’ve done your homework. You’ve got a quality website and a service offering or action you want searchers to complete. You’ve toiled over a fool proof method to organize the campaign hierarchy, and selected the locations and languages your Ads will be served in…. > Read More


CSE Economics: Ad Spend vs. Revenue

  Find Your Niche To bid or not to bid? Life is full of trade-offs and the Comparison Shopping Engines are no different. Do you break the bank and drive as much traffic to your site as possible? Or do you slow-play… > Read More