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Utilizing Sponsored Products on Amazon in Q4

Utilizing Sponsored Products on Amazon for Q4 With Q4 rapidly approaching, Amazon will soon be inundated with an influx of traffic as the… > Read More

An Overview of Custom Audiences on Facebook

Custom Audiences on Facebook: An Overview of Audience Types An ad is only as effective as the person reading it perceives it to… > Read More

google expanded text ads

A Look at the New Google Expanded Text Ads

Google Expanded Text Ads, Responsive Ads, and Device Bid Adjustments Updated Post: Analyzing Early Performance Results of Expanded Text Ads In May, Google… > Read More

google local inventory ads

Google Local Inventory Ads – New Updates for 2016

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Social Media Advertising Platform

A Breakdown of Each Social Media Marketing Platform for Retailers

Advertising on social media outlets has become an inherent necessity as the e-commerce industry continues its steady reign of retail-prominence. With advertising options… > Read More

Pinterest Retargeting promoted pin

Pinterest Retargeting: New Additions in 2016

Pinterest Retargeting Tools¬†Update With the rapid expansion of social media platforms, businesses in e-commerce are continually being met with an ever-growing list of… > Read More


A Review of the Amazon Launchpad Program

What is Amazon Launchpad? Today, the digital retail industry is as prominent as ever. With the likes of crowdfunding platforms, venture capitalist firms,… > Read More