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+David Weichel is the Director of Paid Search at CPC Strategy. He specializes in conversion rate optimization, search behavior research and attribution analysis. David graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a B.S. in Management Science.

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Google Universal Anlytics out of beta

Google Universal Analytics Out of Beta

This week Google announced that Google Universal Analytics is now available to all Google advertisers. Google’s Universal Analytics program has been available to beta advertisers since October, and is designed to address changing user and advertiser needs online such as mobile and cross… > Read More

Adwords extension update

AdWords Update: Consumer Ratings Extension Gets More Space

Consumer Ratings More Prominent on Search Early this month, we noticed Consumer Ratings are now showing up as a completely separate line item for individual text ads, making them stand out even more for the retailers who have them. AdWords enables advertisers to… > Read More


How to Leverage Google Places For Your AdWords Campaigns

Location extensions are not new to AdWords and most stores with physical locations already take advantage of them. The reality is, however, that most advertisers simply click into the Ad Extensions tab in AdWords, enable a couple of location extensions, and leave it alone… > Read More

Multi Channel Marketing from Google Think

Multi Channel Marketing – The Impact of Multi & Cross Channel Interactions on Your Retail & Marketing Strategy

Multi-channel marketing used to be a term that literally almost made me cringe.  It felt like a buzz word that a lot of online retailers /marketers would throw around without much tangible, let alone actionable, meaning to it.  Almost like hearing someone… > Read More

Finding New Qualified PPC Keywords

Find New PPC Keyword Opportunities With Google Shopping

Google, over the past 5 years, has accumulated massive amounts of data about product-related user queries, slowly building their understanding of what is and isn’t a commercial, or transactional, query.  They’ve recently used this product search algorithm to build a new ecommerce focused advertising platform… > Read More

Google Shopping Analytics

Advanced Analytics for Google Shopping – Tracking Product Ads in Google Analytics

Ninjas don’t show up on radars, but that doesn’t mean they don’t use them.  And when it comes to Google Shopping, every analytics or paid-search ninja should know exactly which products and product targets are responsible for clicks and conversions within their… > Read More

New Paid Google Shopping Design

New Paid Google Shopping Design: Product-Type Shopping Ads, Google Buying Guides & More

Google is slowly unveiling what it has in store for users with its new paid version of Google Shopping, formerly known as Google Product Search.  The implications for both shoppers and retailers are huge and since we’re starting to see much more… > Read More

Zales Pagination

Pagination and Faceted Navigation for SEO – Protips from Adam Audette

Pagination, navigation, canonicalization – OH MY! If you’re an ecommerce site these are all woes that you’re probably familiar with already.  How do I make my 20,000 pages accessible and useful for my users? Can I make it both functional for my users as… > Read More

seo experts

SEO Experts Discuss Rich Snippet Manipulation

A couple days ago I  reported on how Google is allowing merchants to spam rich snippets and essentially vandalize their search results.  You can read the full article on rich snippet spam here. At the end of the article I tried to come up… > Read More


Google Allows Spam in Rich Snippets with Schema.org

Rich Snippets & Schema.org Back in June of last year Google teamed up with Bing and Yahoo! to create and support a unified set of structured data markup on web pages known as schema.  Schema.org is the official documentation for webmasters looking to add… > Read More