Chris Pezzoli

Chris Pezzoli is an Account Integration Specialist and a Video Content Marketer at CPC Strategy. He strives to provided online retailers with up-to-date news about the Ecommerce industry along with tips and advice on managing comparison shopping engines, social media platforms, and SEO.

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Google Ad Scheduling

How To Set Up Google Day Parting

Creating An Ad Schedule In The AdWords Login Google’s custom Ad Scheduling allows online advertisers to change when ads show up. Day parting or changing what day (time,etc) ads appear is a Google ad feature which can significantly improve your ad performance on… > Read More

50 Marketing Strategies for Home & Garden Online Retailers

Update 5/7/2013: How could we forget to include this? We just released the most awesome Product Listing Ads Guide ever. At more than 15,000 words it’s the most comprehensive guide on the planet. Best of all it’s completely free.  Digital marketing is more important… > Read More


How Amazon Product Ads Stacked Up Against the Competition in Q4 2012

  Our 2012 Q4 CSE Rankings was an exciting one for us at CPC Strategy.  Not only did we get to dive into the numbers from the holiday season, but we also got to see how Google’s shift to a paid model affected… > Read More


Q & A with Marsha Collier, Author of Social Commerce For Dummies & the eBay For Dummies Series

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see the name Marsha Collier pop up if you Google ‘Social Media Guru’.  Marsha is a very well-known author and blogger who specializes in helping small to medium sized businesses develop social media marketing strategies and… > Read More


Wize Commerce Announces New Price-focused Comparison Shopping Engine “Price Machine”

    Wize Commerce, the owners of Nextag,  had a few big announcements in this month’s newsletter.  The biggest of the announcements was the roll out of a new comparison shopping engine (CSE) called Price Machine.  Wize Commerce is promoting it as… > Read More

Doyle Carver

Facebook Ecommerce Group Member & Online Retailer Doyle Carver of DC Mach Inc. Shares His Story On Selling

If you haven’t noticed, we’re really fond of the Facebook Ecommerce Group. John Lawson, owner and operator of Colder ICE Media has brought together more than 1300 online sellers and counting.  It’s a great place for internet retailers to ask for advice,… > Read More


How To Increase Conversions Using Google Product Feeds Webinar

  In case you missed our Webinar last Wednesday on How To Increase Conversions Using Google Product Feeds, we’ve uploaded it below. Check out the Webinar recording with expert tips and tricks from ConversionIQ and CPC Strategy on how to increase conversions… > Read More


VIDEO: How To Prioritize Effectively And Your Priority Tree

When you have a million things to get done, how do you determine what needs to get done and what can wait?  Want to make sure your business keeps growing?  Well, stop investing too much time and energy into small details. Online… > Read More


VIDEO: How To Analyze Effectively

Do you make it a habit to reflect on your day, whether it was good or bad? In this week’s video, our Director of Marketing Andrew Davis, gives us some insight on improving your life using analysis. If you missed his last… > Read More


VIDEO: How to Use Your Energy Efficiently

Have you ever felt like you spend too much time focusing on one aspect of your life while other aspects of your life suffer because of it? In this video, our Director of Marketing, Andrew Davis explains the benefits of balancing your… > Read More