Facebook Adds ‘Info and Ads Section’ to All Pages

Facebook just added a new “Info & Ads” section that enables anyone to view all of the active ads of a particular Facebook Page.

This update reflects wider trend toward transparency around advertisements following last year’s data controversies. Facebook first outlined these efforts in an official announcement late last year.

Here’s what we know so far, and what implications advertisers can expect following the upcoming update.

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“The ability to presumably view all of your competitor’s ads has enormous implications — and may help advertisers better audit their competitors’ creative.”

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-Sarah Sanchez, Manager, Performance Social, CPC Strategy


Facebook’s ‘Info and Ads’ Section – What We Know

Now anyone will be able to click “Info and Ads” while on a Page and be able to view:

  • All ads actively running on Facebook’s advertising platform


  • The date the page was created


  • Historical changes to Page name


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What Does “Ads & Info” Mean For Advertisers?

You are now able to see all advertisers’ ads, giving you the ability to see the creative of your competition. Finding out what ads your competition is serving up will only be a click away by visiting their Page. 

“With ad transparency, brands will now be able to learn from competitors and brands who have mastered the art of Facebook ads. Use the new function to audit your own creative in relation to competitors to find any areas of creative opportunity you may not be taking advantage of.”

In effect, your ads have also become transparent. Meaning that your competitors are able to view all of your Page’s ads.  


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This feature could be useful for younger brands looking to get a leg up on their competition. Finding out what is working for other advertisers and using that information to optimize their own ad campaigns.


The Final Takeaway

This new feature poses 2 major implications for advertising on Facebook (as well as Instagram and Messenger):

  • You can now audit your competitors’ ads and creative


  • Your competitors can also audit all of your active ads


*Note: Other metrics, such as budgeting and audience targeting, are not revealed with this feature

Because consumers can see all of your ads, advertisers need to be mindful that messaging is consistent across all channels.

“Utilizing Offer ads will be the only way to keep promotions hidden from outside the target audience. The best outcome possible for brands and users is upping the quality of Facebook ads, where there will be increased sophistication and therefore better experiences for all.

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