New A++ Content on the Horizon for Vendors?

Although there is no official news release from Amazon (yet), it looks like the Marketplace is testing out some pretty cool new interactive features for their A+ Content offering for Vendors.

(Note: Rumored names for the upgraded content program include “A++ Content” or “Premium A+ Content”. Neither have been confirmed by Amazon’s team).

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From the looks of it, some major brand names have been pre-selected to participate in the content testing group including Bose, Sony, and Ghostbed.

About A+ Content:

Currently, Vendors have the option to sign up for Amazon A+ Content, a program that enhances your product detail page with visuals and enhanced marketing content to overcome purchase hesitations and drive brand affinity. 

A+ Content integrates detailed product descriptions, rich images, charts and narrative copy to help customers make informed buying decisions.

If you’re not familiar with A+ Content, definitely check out our guide first.

If you’re already leveraging A+ Content for your brand, keep reading to see what’s potentially on the horizon for Vendors.

New “A++ Content” or “Premium A+ Content” Features

Below we highlight potential new features, modules, widgets, and other interactive capabilities that could be available to Vendors in the near future.

1) Video Loops:

As you can see in the example above, the latest module testing allows Vendors to include a high quality video loop of their product.

Click here to see the module live on the item’s detail page listed under “From the manufacturer”.

2) Hover & Click Interactive:

This module from Bose allows the shopper to click (or hover) on 3 different feature points to reveal a new product detail.

3) Slider Gallery:

The slider gallery above features 4 different tabs. For this product, you can click on each tab to reveal a new graphic and description or use the gallery slider to scroll side to side.

Check out the slider in action here on Sony’s page.

4) Video:

A++ content

This video from Sony shows a 1.15 minute (high definition) video of a man using their wireless headphones. You can also click on the left video to expand it to a full screen.

5) Testimonials:

Premium A+ Content

We’ve never seen testimonials featured within A+ Content before. We’re not sure if the Vendor can pre-select the testimonials featured or if Amazon automatically populates the customer feedback. Either way, this is a definitely a new level of customer transparency shoppers are likely to benefit from.

6) Subscribe & Save with Buy Box Anchor

Premium A+ Content

Premium A+ Content

This module really stood out to us for a number of reasons. First of all, it incorporates a video, similar to the module we just described above. It also includes a clip describing Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program.

Subscribe & Save is a program allows Amazon customers to sign up for regular deliveries of products they use frequently including toilet paper, dish soap, toothpaste, and baby diapers in exchange for a discount, as well as free shipping.

When you click on the Subscribe and Save button on the right, you are anchored to the top of the product detail page, where you can select “Subscribe & Save” within your purchase order.

7) FAQ

8) In the Box

A++ Content

This module from Bose, shows the customer exactly what comes in the box, which can definitely add to the user friendly experience.

9) New Comparison Chart Widgets

A++ Content

A++ Content

Premium A+ Content

Here’s three different kind of comparison charts we have not seen before. The chart above also incorporated a slide capability to scroll through and compare specific products against each other.

10) Increase in Number of Modules

Overall, we’re seeing an increase in the number of modules allowed on a product detail page. For the Dove example listed above, we saw about 7 modules total in comparison to the 5 module maximum that is permitted within Amazon’s current A+ Content program.

11) Sponsored Products & Mobile Friendly


Another unique aspect is the new premium features push the detail page Sponsored Products carousel pretty far down the page on the mobile app (see below), leaving them right above the customer questions. On desktop, the Sponsored Products carousel remains above the A+ Premium Content.

“While we don’t get placement data, you’d imagine having A++ Content (or Premium A+ Content) on a detail page would have the side benefit of reducing the number of clicks to a competitor’s Sponsored Products ads on the detail page for mobile shoppers,” Pat Petriello, Head of Marketplace Strategy at CPC Strategy said.

“This, to me, looks like it was designed for the mobile experience and adapted to desktop, since these look a lot cleaner in the mobile app.”


Premium A+ Content


Premium A+ Content


We will continue to monitor Amazon’s latest A+ Content testing, check back soon!

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