Amazon Stores | A Complete Guide (2018)

Amazon now offers “Amazon Stores” a free self-service product that allows brand owners to design and create multipage stores to showcase their brands, products and value proposition on Amazon.

Amazon Stores: Creative Management Solution For Vendors & Sellers

What are Amazon Stores?

These multipage stores provide an enhanced brand-centric shopping experience on Amazon in desktop and mobile platforms.

Shoppers visiting an Amazon Store are able to see a curated collection of a brand’s products in a customized, brand-centric, shopping experience.

Key features of Amazon Stores:

1. Multi-Page Experience – Multi-page Amazon Stores (up to 3 levels deep) can be used to exclusively showcase your brand and products. Customize the experience based on what your brand needs.

2. Store Builder – The intuitive and simple to use store builder empowers you to create engaging Amazon Stores. Easy-to-use templates are available that simplify the page building experience.

3. Rich Media Content – Support for rich media and content, such as text and images, helps elevate the shopping experience.

Vendors can create their Amazon Store by logging in to Amazon Marketing Services and selecting the Stores tab.

Below is an example of an Amazon Store built out for a Luxury Beauty Brand:

amazon stores

amazon stores

“In my personal opinion, these stores are a significant improvement over the older brand pages, and they should allow Vendors to get more creative with the design,” Ryan Burgess, Marketplace Channel Analyst at CPC Strategy.

“Another super cool feature of Amazon Stores is that you can build highly customizable pages showcasing a single or small group of products, perfect for new launches.”

“You can include videos, a slideshow of photos, text, all sorts of content to really push new products.”

Amazon Stores: The Layout

Amazon Stores are comprised of one or more pages. Each page is comprised of a header and footer surrounding a number of content tiles.

As see in the example below, each Amazon Store can have 3 levels with multiple pages at each level:

amazon stores

Pro-Tip: When driving traffic to these new storefront pages via Headline Search Ads, you can send shoppers to the home tab or directly to another category (example: shampoos & conditioners). Each page has a unique URL, so you can enter this specific URL when you create the campaign.

Amazon Stores also allows you to choose from 3 templates (default tiles):

    • Marquee
    • Highlight
    • Product Grid


The Amazon Store Manager has 4 sections including:

Page Manager: Used to create, select, move and delete pages from the Amazon Store

Preview Window: Provides a live view of the current page and can be used to select a tile to edit the Tile Manager.

Tile Manager: Used to add, edit, move, and delete tiles from the Amazon Store.

Status Bar: which provides the current moderation status of the Amazon Store and displays any error messages.

Amazon Stores: Submission & Review Process

According to Amazon, once you have finished building your Amazon Store, you can submit it by clicking the “Submit for publishing” button. Your Amazon Store will be submitted for moderation. Keep in mind, you can’t make changes to your draft while it is being moderated.

The moderation process can take several days.

Before you publish your Amazon Store, you should check for the following:

  • Spelling or punctuation errors.
  • All changes are included in the draft version.
  • Use the mobile preview to make sure that your Amazon Store is optimized for mobile experience.
  • Check your images and videos to make sure that any text in them can be easily viewed (including on mobile).


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