Amazon is now offering Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), a version of A+ detail pages for Third Party Brand Sellers at no additional cost, for a limited period of time.

Enhanced Brand Content: Creation & Management Solution for Sellers

Enhanced Brand Content, also known as EBC was first spotted by CPC Strategy’s Marketplace Channel Analyst – Jordan Gisch (as seen below):


enhanced brand content


The feature (commonly referred to as A+ tool ) enables Brand Owner sellers to modify the product description field of their branded ASINs. EBC allows 3Ps to describe their product features in a different way by including a unique brand story , enhanced images, and text placements. 

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EBC can also be used to answer the most common customer questions by providing relevant product details that help drive more rapid purchase decisions and may reduce the likelihood of having products returned.

According to Amazon, adding EBC to your product detail pages may result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and increased sales when used effectively.

As seen in the template screenshot below, Enhanced Brand Content offers different module types in comparison with A+ Content for Vendors (which you can learn more about in our recent blog post).


amazon enhance brand content


EBC is open to sellers who have been approved as brand owners through Amazon’s Brand Registry process. Once approved as a brand owner, sellers will qualify to add EBC to ASINs that are part of their approved brand catalog, but cannot add content to ASINs that are not part of their brand.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Image Requirements

How will Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) Impact Amazon’s Third Party Brand Sellers?

“One of the most immediate impacts that Enhanced Brand Content will have for 3P Sellers in the Brand Registry program is the benefit to paid advertising conversion rates,” Pat Petriello, Head of Marketplace Strategy at CPC Strategy said.pat

“Take, for example, a 3P brand manufacturer selling high quality premium sunglasses and advertising through Sponsored Products during the holiday season. With Enhanced Brand Content, that Seller has increased ability to showcase the unique value proposition of their products such as polarization, mirroring, contrast, transition, lens treatments, and so on.”

“They will also have the option to differentiate their brand from that of their competitors by communicating their brand story through the Enhanced Brand Content fields.”

“As a result, this Seller will be able to turn more of their advertising clicks into conversions, effectively increasing the ROAS on their ad spend and reducing ACOS.”

“With increased advertising spend over the holiday shopping season, the ability to maximize the return through Enhanced Brand Content is a real win for 3P brands.”

What Third Party Brand Sellers Should Know About Enhanced Brand Content (EBC):

Accessibility & Requirements

This tool is currently open to Brand Registered sellers, so you must register your brand with Amazon Brand Registry. Brand Registry is not open for media, video, digital, or book categories. Amazon is rolling out the new feature over a period of time, so it’s likely not all eligible Sellers are seeing this immediately (stay tuned).

Fees / Cost

The tool is currently in a promotional free period where sellers will not be charged a fee. When a fee is implemented – a seller’s existing content will remain on the detail page. We anticipate Amazon EBC will not be free forever & sellers are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity sooner rather than later.


EBC submissions will either be published or rejected with necessary revisions outlined in the rejection reason within 7 days of submission; however, most content is processed within 2 days.

You can publish content to all ASINs that you own as a Global Catalog Identifier (GCID) registered brand owner, and have an offer for. If the ASIN has ever had a contribution published by a retail vendor, the  content will not be published. Amazon’s system currently allows sellers to have 20 pending submissions at one time.

Pro-Tip: Amazon EBC does not allow HTML content.


At this time, Amazon does not have self­-service access to video uploads, but as an agency – we anticipate that feature will be coming soon. Any new features will be announced to all registered brand owners so ensure your brand is registered to receive these updates.

Pro-Tip: Keep in mind EBC is not the same as Amazon Business Enhanced Content. Amazon Business Enhanced Content tool lets you upload separate file documents to the detail page. The EBC tool lets you enhance your product description with additional rich media assets.


If 3Ps include the following type of content, it will result in violations and will lead to a rejection by Amazon’s system:

1. Referencing your company as a seller or distributor, or providing any company contact information.

2. Mention of competitor’s products or seller authorization such as “product only sold by authorized resellers,”

3. Pricing or promotion information such as “cheapest widget on Amazon” etc.

4. Information about shipping details such as “Free shipping”, “shipping timelines”, etc.

5. Use of copyright, trademark, or registered symbols in the text or images.

6. Boastful comments such as “top selling product,” “hottest item,” “#1 Selling item”.

7. Time sensitive product information: “on sale now” or “best new product of the year”.

8. Information about customer reviews from Amazon or any other site.

9. Adding editorial or 3rd party quotes from external sources such as magazines and television shows.

10. Blurry or low quality images or images containing unreadable text.

11. Lifestyle images not showing the product. Brand images used to tell the “Brand Story” are not required to
contain the product.

12. Content that duplicates many of the images from the main image block on the detail page.

13. Any warranties or guarantees of any form.

14. Images or text that attempts to mimic Amazon logos, detail page headings or details.

15. Logos from brands or organizations other than your own, or multiple brand logos on an image.

16. Web links or language attempting to redirect to other sites inside or outside of Amazon (including your other

17. Grammatical errors, punctuation errors, misspellings, strings of all caps text, or abusing font features – Bold
and Italics are only intended to be used to highlight headings or a few select words.

18. Any mention of products being used for criminal activity.

19. Any violations to category requirements or Selling on Amazon policies.

For more on Enhanced Brand Content, email or check out our service offering.





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