Best Practices To Succeed with Programmatic Advertising Campaigns

“Programmatic” has been one of the most buzzed about terms in the Digital Marketing space in 2014 to 2015 — but how has it actually been put into practice? How are retail advertisers currently integrating it within their digital portfolio?

On Wednesday, June 24 at 11am PT we will offer a 60-minute course with Katana that dives into the setup process and launch strategy for programmatic media buying, and specifically, how retailers can leverage programmatic for ROI-focused campaigns


Topics Discussed Include:

    • Overview of programmatic media buying and how it fits into the Digital Marketing portfolio


    • Identifying the top-of-the-funnel & bottom-of-the-funnel applications for programmatic


    • Examples of programmatic technology’s audience targeting capabilities


    • Walk-through of the setup process for programmatic campaigns


    • Monitoring key performance metrics and creating an A/B testing framework


    • Live Q&A


Programmatic Buying for Retail Marketers




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