Google Pigeon Update: What Search Marketers Need to Know [Infographic]

Google’s most recent search algorithm update- surnamed Pigeon has impacted local search, retailers and SEO since July of this year. 58% of local marketers noted they’d change tactics following Google’s local update.

The Pigeon update primarily affected local search results and local visibility on Google SERPS, and has impacted marketers visibility on Google.

What should you know about Google’s Pigeon update, and how can you tell if it’s affecting your visibility on Google?

Review the infographic below to get the skinny on Google’s Penguin update, and steps to take to maintain visibility on search:

69% of marketers believe Google’s Pigeon update will be a good change for searchers, but 53% note they think it will hurt businesses on Google. Regardless of your Pigeon strategy around local, its key to understand what the update entails.

More Information on the Google Pigeon Update: