Google Trusted Stores Update Smooths Setup

Yesterday Google announced some changes to Trusted Stores in order to make it easier for retailers leverage the program.

Google Trusted Stores Update for Online Sellers

Trusted Stores, a Google-verified merchant program, highlights seller quality score on Google search and seller pages to bolster consumer perception for a retailer’s online store.



Shoppers viewing Google’s Trusted Store badge on a retailer site can trust that seller has dependable shipping and customer service, in addition to Google’s purchase protection– good up to $1,000.Google Trusted stores site badge

Since its inception, Google Trusted Stores has been a useful program to boost online sales and customer trust on Google.

Google’s update eliminates some of the more unwieldy steps associated with setup.

Google Trusted Stores Setup Improvement

The most important of these changes is that you no longer need to provide an Order & Cancellation feed to be approved as a Trusted Store. Google also now allows sellers to specify a specific site position for the Trusted Store badge.

To get started with Google Trusted Stores, online retailers can apply with GoogleFor more information on how to set up Google Trusted Stores, review Google’s requirements and setup tutorial.

If you are already leveraging Google Trusted Stores for your site, consider boosting visibility and sales on search by adding those rating to AdWords ads using the review extension (available as of Nov 2013).



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