Google Analytics Now Breaks Out Branded/Non-Branded Search Campaigns

We all know how important having branded text campaigns can be if your company has any sort of presence on the internet.

In essence it allows you to control the SERP whenever someone searches for you, which in turn lets you control the message you want and helps protect your brand to the world of searchers.

Logically then Google has now introduced a way to break out branded campaigns from non-branded campaigns within Google Analytics (as spotted by Search Engine Land):

Since branded and non-branded campaigns aren’t specified upon its creation, ¬†Google uses an algorithm based on factors such as the advertiser’s domain, the keywords that are being bid on, the click-through rates, etc. to separate the two.

From there an advertiser can modify Google’s assumptions within their settings pages to specify exactly what terms should and shouldn’t be included in the branded bucket.

The best part of this news is that this doesn’t apply just to Google Adwords Campaigns, but any source of traffic tagged with “cpc” will be broken out, e.g. Bing/Yahoo traffic will receive the same treatment.

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