Google Shopping Campaigns replaces the old Google PLA campaigns in August. Retailers have less than 100 days to get ready for the new campaign structure which significantly changes how ads are created and structured within AdWords.

Google Shopping Campaigns Performance Report

We’ve been testing Google Shopping Campaigns since they initially entered beta and are pleased with the results for our clients. Below are the results of a study comparing Google PLA performance and Google Shopping Campaign performance over a three week period prior to and following the campaign type switch.

Google Shopping Campaigns Increase Conversion Rates by 15.87%

Google Shopping Campaigns conversion rate


Google Shopping Campaigns Improves ROAS by 25% 

Google Shopping campaigns Return on ad spend

Google Shopping Campaigns Decreases Ad Spend 29.67%

Google AdWords ad spend

Google Shopping Campaigns Improved Campaign Revenue by 33.78% 

Google Shopping campaigns revenue performance

Google Shopping Campaigns Improved Campaign Order Volume by 4.20% 

Google Shopping campaigns order volume





Check out how Google Shopping Campaigns impact ROAS and Ad Spend

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