1 Step To Make Your Computer Faster In 2 Minutes

Remember the old days of dial up? Sure AOL I’ll wait 5 minutes and listen to your horrible dial up noises. Now if anything on my computer takes longer than 30 seconds to load now I blow a gasket.

Technology tip, slow computer


Here is a handy tip to help speed up your computer that will take you less than 2 minutes to complete.

Speed Up Your Computer in 2 Minutes

Follow the steps below for an easy way to speed up your computer that will improve your daily productivity and sanity.

1) Click Start

2) Type in MSCONFIG:

technology tips

3) Select the services tab and un-select check boxes for programs which you don’t use and choose the option “disable all”

*Be careful to choose “Hide all microsoft services” at the bottom of this tab:

Technology tip, lifehack

4) Select the Startup tab and un-select any boxes checked which are programs you don’t use and select “disable all”:

Technology tips, lifehack

5) Restart your computer

6) Profit.


What computer lifehack’s do you use?

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