The Next Big PLA Advertiser is...Google? - CPC Strategy

It appears that Google has started to advertise Play books on their own Google Shopping program.

It’s not surprising to see that Google’s afforded the top couple spots for a lot of these Shopping SERPs.



& this 2nd place listing that isn’t nearly as relevant as the other 2:


& this other listing which nabs the top 2 spots for Google for 2 rather irrelevant results:


Clicking on the listing brings you to a Google Play product page: 


…And what about those Google seller reviews you ask? These ratings seem to be reviewing Google as a search engine, not as a retailer. 


Who knows, the world could be ending. One thing is for sure: If Google continues to build out their book PLAs and expands into other product categories, the technological giant will start to look a lot like its ecommerce competitor, Amazon.

And Google continues its obvious creep towards a marketplace-like program…

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