It appears that Google has started to advertise Play books on their own Google Shopping program.

It’s not surprising to see that Google’s afforded the top couple spots for a lot of these Shopping SERPs.



& this 2nd place listing that isn’t nearly as relevant as the other 2:


& this other listing which nabs the top 2 spots for Google for 2 rather irrelevant results:


Clicking on the listing brings you to a Google Play product page: 


…And what about those Google seller reviews you ask? These ratings seem to be reviewing Google as a search engine, not as a retailer. 


Who knows, the world could be ending. One thing is for sure: If Google continues to build out their book PLAs and expands into other product categories, the technological giant will start to look a lot like its ecommerce competitor, Amazon.

And Google continues its obvious creep towards a marketplace-like program…

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