Most consumers shop online, and the majority of those shopper prefer shopping online for reasons like saving time and avoiding crowds. The ecommerce junkies over at Invesp put together the infographic below which looks at the sales volume associated with online shopping.

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How Big is E-commerce Industry

Notable Online Shopping Statistics

  • Ecommerce sales in the US are growing at a 10%/ year rate.
  • Europe is the second highest grossing ecommerce sales region (34%).
  • Mobile ecommerce growth has steadily increased since 2009.


What You Should Do About It

1. Make sure your online site is as user friendly as possible.

A good place to learn about site optimization is Kissmetrics.

2. Expand your online sales to Europe if you have the site and shipping capabilities.

3. Ensure your site is mobile commerce friendly.

Here are some tools you can use to test your site for mobile compatibility:


Where are you selling online?




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