Magento Feed Exporter: 7 Steps To Send Your Product Feed From Magento

This May, we made our Magento Feed Exporter available to online retailers, so you can generate and send feeds directly from your Magento store.  Not using the plugin? Download it below.

How To Send Your Feed Using The Magento Feed Exporter

We made the tool as easy to use as possible. Still, it helps to have a little guide.

Below are steps to help walk you through the process.
(This order guides you though an initial run.)

1. Install the Magento Feed Exporter.

2. Login and select product feed tab in the Magento Admin Panel:

2. Create or edit a product feed

3. Select feed type:

4. Name the feed:

5. Select your “Value” for each column and map them to “Field Names” in the export:

6. Select Advanced Settings for exceptions and automation settings:

Remember each time you make a change, make sure you save it to keep it!

7. When you’re ready, hit “Generate File” and then the Access URL will update to be available for download:

And you’re done! If you followed the above steps you should have successfully exported your product feed from Magento.


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