IRCE 2013 Video Recap

The Internet Retailer Conference is by far the largest eCommerce show in the world. The 2013 version had over 9,500 attendees and 600 exhibitors!

Check out the video recap below to get our take on the show:

Video Cliffs:

1. Inbound Marketing is REAL!

The life of a marketer can be a lonely one and sometimes it feels like your content is falling on deaf ears. We have been plugging away on the CPC Strategy blog for 6 years and this year’s IRCE was awesome validation for our marketing team.

There were a ton of attendees who came up to the CPC Strategy booth and told us how much they love our blog. Our Product Listing Ads Guide also received a ton of praise from both merchants and other agenices and it’s a pretty awesome to be acknowledged as the voice of an entire industry.

2. All The Exhibitors Are Working Together.

I used a different term in the video but I’ll keep it PC on the blog. There is a lot of partnering going on with the IRCE exhibitors. Everyone tries to form ally networks where they can exchange clients and recommend their favorite vendors.

This is increasing the value of the relationship. The exhibitors who have the best relationships and trust with their clients will win in the long run.

3. Dinners > Huge Parties.

This was the first year where we hosted a dinner with our clients and partners and it was definitely more valuable than attending the mega parties that get a lot of buzz. While we enjoyed the eBay/Magento event at Public House on Tuesday night, it confirmed just how difficult it is to network at a crowded event with an open bar.

The parties are great for bonding with your team but a dinner and/or private happy hour is a much better opportunity to build trust with your clients.

All in all it was a great show and we look forward to seeing you at IRCE 2014!

Video Transcript:

Hello, everyone. I’m Rick Backus, from CPC Strategy. I’m making this video

because it’s our Internet Retailer Conference recap. We just got back from

Chicago, it was a great week. We were honored to speak at IRCE. I actually

spoke about Google Shopping, which is our bread and butter as an agency. It

was really cool to get a platform to talk about Google Shopping; there’s a

lot of misinformation about it. To share our expertise with a room of over

500 retailers was a great experience. Thank you to IRCE for letting us

speak, we appreciate it.

I just want to give 3 key takeaways that we saw from the show this year.

The first one was just that all the hard work that we’re doing in content

marketing with our blog and with our videos, it’s starting to payoff. There

was a lot of people who would come up to our booth and say, “Oh, my God.

Are you Andrew Davis? I see you on the CPC Strategy blog. Are you Mary

Weinstein? I see you on the blog all the time.” To have people actually

know who we are individually and be such big fans of the blog, it shows us

that our content marketing is paying off.

Also, this is our third year of exhibiting at IRCE. The first year, most

people didn’t know who we were. Just a heads-up to the other exhibitors,

continue to stick with it. There’s a lot of people from larger brands who

came back to our booth this year and they’re like, “It takes me 2 or 3

years to start recognizing the companies.” The fact that you guys are still

here, they know that we’re not going to go out of business tomorrow.

Continue building the brand. Sometimes I know it feels like it’s not

necessarily leading to instance results, but everyone who’s Tweeting,

sharing your stuff, and commenting on your blog posts, they’re real people

and they can be potential clients. When you go to the conference and you

meet them, it’s a pretty awesome experience.

The second trend that I’ve notice is that there’s a lot of, for lack of a

better word, incest that’s going on with the exhibitors. Out of 600

exhibitors, there’s weird spider web combinations of everyone working with

everyone. There’s a lot of really cool technologies, but with that, I think

the importance of relationships within the e-commerce community just

continues to grow. You’re clients are going to be loyal to you based on

their relationship with you. If you try to compete on features; our

technology does this and our technology does that, realistically, all of

these exhibitors are starting to work together, so the exhibitors that have

the relationships are the exhibitors that will continue to grow their

companies. The ones that don’t have the relationships, they’re going to be

in trouble because it’s hard to differentiate your brand and your business

solely based on the features of your product.

The third trend that I’ve noticed is the events always sound a lot more

cool than they really are. For instance, and it’s not knocking Magento or

eBay, they threw a great event, but it was at the Public House. It’s so

crowded in there that it’s really difficult to make good connections and

continue conversations. Inevitably, you see a couple faces that you

recognize and you go hang out with those people. This was the first year

where we actually threw a dinner; we co-hosted a dinner with one of our

partners. Sitting down and really having an intimate conversation with your

clients and potential clients, it helps to build a real relationship in a

way that you just can’t do at a large networking event. If you’re

exhibiting, take a percentage of that money that you would be spending on

your other marketing expenses, try to do even a small dinner. I fought it

for a long time because they’re expensive, but I think it’s going to be a

good investment for us and I highly recommend it.

That’s it. I’ve already talked a lot longer than I was anticipating. It was

an awesome IRCE for CPC Strategy. It was so cool to meet our clients. To

our clients that we met, thank you. To new potential clients, you know what

to do, time to sign up with us. Just kidding, you don’t have to but you

probably should. I’m Rick Backus, and we are CPC Strategy.