3dcart Review

3dcart Platform Review

If you’re interested in creating or transferring your online store, this unbiased 3dcart review will help you learn the fundamentals as well as your fit with the ecommerce platform.

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3dcart Review: What Kind of Merchant Should Use the 3dcart Platform?

3dcart is another all-in-one ecommerce platform that has plans for retailers of all sizes. Their prices are on the lower end for a solution of this scale, and 3dcart is one of the easier platforms to use compared to its competitors (i.e. Shopify, BigCommerce,Volusion).

Use this chart to determine which 3dcart plan is right for you. 

3dcart PlanSKUsPrice (month)Storage
Power PlanNo Limit$129.9945 GB
Professional+ Plan$99.9925 GB
Starter$19.992 GB

Check out all of 3dcart’s pricing plans to find out which one best suits your business.

When comparing other ecommerce platforms, it’s clear that 3dcart is ideal for small to medium sized businesses because of its cheap price and middle-tier functionality.

3dcart Review: Good 3dcart Features 
Ecommerce Platform Comparison: 3dcartFeature Grade
Setup (quick and easy)A-
No Transaction FeesB+
Customer Interaction History (Detailed history with site provided by customer relationship manager)A-
Gateway Integration (Over 100 payment gateways)A
Customer Rewards And Wishlists FunctionalityA-
One Page CheckoutA-
Has been optimized for international sales; supports InternationalCheckout and Klarna (European payment processor)A
Free Trial Period (15 days)A

3dcart Review: Bad 3dcart Features 
Ecommerce Platform Comparison: 3dcartFeature Grade
Email Marketing (poor)C
No CDN Technology (may result in slow site speed)C-
QuickBooks Integration (lacks convenience)D
Customer Service (terrible reputation)D-
Cost of custom designed add-ons can be expensive*D
Customization (not user- friendly)D

*These are the costs for customizing the design of the following features (ALL of these features come standard in a default design for any 3dcart plan): Drop down menus ($199), mobile integration ($399), daily deals ($799), “view cart preview” box ($499), social media tie-ins like Facebook and Twitter ($299), blog ($399)

You can view all of 3dcart’s features here.

3dcart Review: Submit Your Product Data Feed from 3dcart to Google Shopping

3dcart isn’t very transparent on how to export your product data feed into Google Shopping. I’ve seen that many merchants manually submit their products to Google Shopping, but this is a very painstaking process that can be riddled with errors.

3dcart recommends you use Lexity, which is an automated solution for listing your products on Google Shopping, but I highly recommend NOT using an app to manage your Google Shopping campaign because the potential benefits are too high to leave up to simple software management.

Ecommerce platform comparison: D

3dcart Review: Notable 3dcart Examples

The New York Times Store (Gift items)

Lems (shoes)

Century MMA (Sports and Apparel)

3dcart Review: Our 3dcart Review Bottom Line

3dcart is a decent shopping cart that many smaller retailers will enjoy using because of its ease of use. There are better solutions that exist if you’re looking for more a highly functional, robust solution and there are platforms that provide better customer service. The ecommerce platform will provide a very run-of-the-mill, conventional experience for retailers.

3dcart Ecommerce Platform Comparison Grade: B-

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*Note: Grades are subjectively based on analysis and comparison to other ecommerce platforms, based on availability, significance, and functionality of the platform feature and overall value.