The Happiness Advantage : The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work

By Shawn Achor 

The Happiness Advantage for retailersThe Happiness Advantage, Mary’s Review:

The Happiness Advantage is a great argument for positive psychology in general, but also highlights specific things you can do personally and also at an organizational level to increase performance and productivity.

The book looks at 7 elements of positive psychology in relation to your daily life at home and at work:

1. The Happiness Advantage-Fake it till you make it with positive thinking.

If you’re looking for it you’ll find it.
– Use failure as an opportunity to grow.
– Start small.
– Reduce barriers to change to create habits.
Less is more.

 Shawn does 2 things which I love in this book:

1) Explains things with interesting examples (mostly case studies) and

2) Gives you easy ways to implement those insights.

In general, a lot of psychology is thrown in the “I already knew that” category, but we know less than we think we do, and we do less than we think we do. This book is a must-read for business owners.

Even if you’re not looking to improve your work or home life, there are some really interesting experiments which are likely to blow your mind, just a little.


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