In what some would call a clear assault on Amazon, Google launched its Google Shopping Express service today to select users in the San Francisco bay area. You can find the initial Google Express announcement on the Google Commerce blog.

What is Google Shopping Express?

The Google Shopping Express service, will provide  free same day delivery from select major vendors including Target, Walgreens, Staples, Rayley’s Nob Hill Foods, and Office Depot, with product prices the same as the brick and mortar stores. 

Google Shopping Express for Sellers

The Google Shopping Express service, which was originally reported to cost around $64-$69 will be free for the initial testers first six months.

How Can I Sign Up for Google Shopping Express?

Although how testers and retailers are selected hasn’t been revealed, you can sign up to test Google Express, or to sell with the Google Shopping Express.

What Does Google Shopping Express Mean for Ecommerce?

This past July, Google launched Google Shopping, merging fully into the paid shopping experience. Coupled with other Google features like Google wallet, and Google Shorlists, Google seems to be increasingly gearing up to compete with Amazon.

Similar Amazon services  like same day delivery from Amazon, Amazon Lockers, and Amazon Prime, have been enthusiastically received by consumers, which makes Google Shopping Express’s a savvy Google initiative.

Particularly since Google Shopping Express comes on the heels of similar same day delivery services from major competitors such as Amazon, Walmart (Walmart ToGo) and  eBay (eBay Now).

If nothing else, we can day dream about a Google marketplace, and all of the exciting things we can do with Google:

Google Shopping Express partners

“Paired up with a (Google) Android phone (or even Google Glasses), one can in theory go to a store, take a picture of a product and use Google’s reverse image search algorithm to find the product.

Then with the help of Google Shopping/Google’s new Marketplace find it at the cheapest price, then based on the users Google search history find related items they’d like.

And finally with a press of a button make a purchase through their Google Account which is linked to their Google Wallet account, and then have that product delivered to their house before they even arrive home in their self-driving Google car.”- Tien Nguyen


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