You knew it was coming! Here at CPC Strategy we don’t take ourselves too seriously so we HAD to film our version of the viral video craze sweeping the nation.


Here is what to look out for in our version of the Harlem Shake:

-The office hard at work completely unaware that Lance was filming (no really)

-Andrew transforming into the Kleenex man after the beat drops

-Katen doing his version of Elvis trying to put out a fire

-David nailing the Kid N Play

-Josh doing his end zone dance in WWF gear

-Hiram taking out his aggression on the yoga ball

-Roman as the Phantom demonstrating solid rhythm

-Tien being lame

-Francisco showing that he no longer takes himself too seriously

-Chris re-enacting his go to move at house parties

-Lance squatting Biff The Bear repeatedly

-Jostin getting way too friendly with the other yoga ball

-Eliza doing what Eliza does

-Me trying to awkwardly swing a CPC Strategy tie

-Ariel trying to get as far away from the camera as possible

-Tommy trying to get our video sponsored by Google


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