When my Director of Marketing, Andrew Davis, asked me to compile a list of the best articles in 2012 for our blog, I was a little hesitant to proceed.  The reality is I haven’t even been with CPC Strategy for the entirety of the past year and, with the qualifier “best” implying that I’d have to leave a good amount of work off the list, I was faced with the likely possibility that I’d hurt a few feelings along the way.  I knew my selections had to be careful and well thought out.

I chose the following in-house articles because not only do they discuss many of the major and publicized e-commerce news headlines you probably heard about on SearchEngineLand or InternetRetailer, but they go above and beyond mere objective news breaks.  In addition to including some of the articles that really influenced me as I settled into the little nook that is CPC Strategy in the ecommerce world, I went through 12 month’s worth of material and filtered out the articles that both received high traffic volume and stimulated the most debate.

(Re)Reading these articles, I hope you catch up on useful material you might have missed,  truly learn something from the articles at hand (and they really are meant to teach!), and enjoy our year in review.  And if your indeed a very loyal reader, I hope this is old, repetitive, and nostalgic. Without further ado, here is CPC Strategy’s Best of 2012.

General Ecommerce Tips & Strategies

How Socializing on Google Plus Can Influence Your SEO Efforts by Tyler Tafelsky – November 26

5 Tips for Increasing Qualified Paid Search Traffic to Your Ecommerce Store for Holiday 2012 by Nii Ahene – November 9

Make More Money Already – 5 Really Easy Ways to Boost Conversion Rates by Jon Gregoire – October 27

6 Ways Business Owners Can Save Time by Andrew Davis – October 3

What Are Your Ecommerce Weaknesses? by Andrew Davis – October 2

50 Value Propositions for Ecommerce Retailers by Andrew Davis –  July 12

Sell Products Online – A Humorous Guide to Selling Products Online [Infographic] by Nii Ahene – May 17

The Free Shipping Formula for Online Retailers by Katen Raj – April 17

Work Load Management Series: 5 Tips to Optimize Your Gmail by Mary Weinstein – March 29

7 Free Extensions to Enhance Your Magento Shopping Cart by Nii Ahene – January 30


50 Video Marketing Strategies – Ecommerce Edition by Chris Pezzoli – September 5

10 Online Marketing Channels by Chris Pezzoli – September 4

25 Social Media Marketing Tips by Andrew Davis – August 29

50 Local Marketing Strategies by Andrew Davis – August 22

50 E-Commerce Remarketing Strategies by Andrew Davis – May 10

The Content Marketing Strategy Guide for Retailers by Rick Backus – April 11


3 Advanced Tools for Ecommerce SEO by Andrew Davis – October 3

Ecommerce SEO Strategy: A Must Read Expert Roundtable by Andrew Davis – February 9

Reading for Inspiration

Lessons We Can Learn From Zappos Part 1 of 2 by Jon Gregoire – December 29

A Grim Look at the Future of Small Ecommerce Business by Jon Gregoire – December 14

Why YOUR Ecommerce Shop? by Andrew Davis – October 10

Why Every E-Commerce Retailer Needs a Unique Selling Proposition by Katen Raj – March 28

Your Online Marketing Strategy is On Drugs by Andrew Davis – January 3

Google Shopping/Adwords News & Analysis

Click Fraud on Google Shopping? by Andrew Davis – December 27

Reminder: Google Can Completely Shut Off Your Shopping Campaign Without Warning, Kick Your Dog* by Tien Nguyen – December 6

Breaking: Google Merchant Center Now in Adwords by Andrew Davis – December 5

Google Shopping Conversion Rates Drop in Q3 by Jon Gregoire – November 14

Find New PPC Keyword Opportunities with Google Shopping by David Weichel – November 12

Google Shopping Webinar with Google’s Senior Product Manager Jon Venverloh by Andrew Davis & Nii Ahene – August 13

The Google Shopping Guide 2.0: CPA Campaigns, Secret Bidding Strategies & More [White Paper] by Andrew Davis et al.- August 2

Google Shopping Culinary for Merchants: Your First 3 Ingredients by Andrew Davis – July 5

Google Trusted Stores: A Potential Game Changer in Ecommerce by Rick Backus – June 15

The New Google Shopping: 15 FAQ’s by Mary Weinstein – June 14

Google Allows Spam in Rich Snippets with Schema.org by David Weichel – April 24

Bidding and Budget Options on Google Adwords by Katen Raj – February 8

Google Analytics News & Analysis

Are You Being Misled by Google Analytics? – by Chris Pezzoli – December 18

CPC Strategy Releases The Google Analytics Guide for Ecommerce Business Owners [White Paper] by Chris Pezzoli et al. – December 3

Attribution Models: Google Analytics vs. Google Adwords Part I [Video] by Chris Pezzoli & David Weichel – December 10

Advanced Analytics for Google Shopping – Tracking Product Ads in Google Analytics by David Wiechel – July 10

Amazon Headlines & Analysis

Where Are the Product Gaps in Google Shopping & Amazon? by Chris Pezzoli – December 17

Winning the Buy Box on Amazon.com by Nii Ahene – October 1

Amazon Launching Sponsored Products: Amazon’s Own Adwords? by Tien Nguyen – May 2

Amazon Marketplace Poaches Extra Sales Through Webstores by Katen Raj – March 21

Selling On Amazon: Amazon Marketplace vs. Amazon Product Ads by Mary Weinstein – February 15

Comparison Shopping Engine News

Comparison Shopping Engine Rankings: by Tien Nguyen

The Shopzilla Filter by Chris Pezzoli – December 17

Shopping.com Announces Partnership with Google Shopping –“Oh Great” or “Oh, Wait?” by Jon Gregoire – November 15

How to Evaluate New Marketing Channels by Andrew Davis – October 3

Comparison Shopping Engines: Want to Compete with Amazon? Start Offering Remarkable Content by Trinity Hartman – September 28

Merchant Ratings – What are Merchant Ratings and Why Do They Matter? by Nii Ahene – April 9

Stick around for The Best of Ecommerce in 2012 From Around the Web coming soon!

The Google Shopping Guide: 2017 Edition

Next-Level Implementations in 2017 for Advertisers on Google



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