Updates since this article published:

1/14: SOPA vote shelved by House

1/16: Wikipedia to go black on Jan 18

1/17: Google to protest SOPA on its homepage

1/18: Google and Wipedia blackoutwhile co-sponsers head for the hills, and the MPAA fights back.

5/11: SOPA to be replace by CISPA

Google, Amazon, Facebook to blackout in opposition to SOPA

Rumors of opposition to the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)  have surfaced in the form of a potential blackout by some online heavy hitters including Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, AOL, Mozilla, Facebook and Paypal.

SOPA opposed by Google, Facebook According to the Extreme Tech post, along with the above online companies, large internet influencers including Foursquare, Zynga, Twitter and LinkedIn have considered a “nuclear option” during which these websites would all “go dark” in opposition to the proposed act.

While there is the significant possibility of user annoyance, Hruska postulates users will understand the action, especially since it would be coming from multiple large internet powers. For internet users who are not up to date, or even aware of SOPA, this could be a very rude awakening.

Along with many internet supporters, I have come to picture SOPA and its supporters as selfish bloated corporations looking to maintain supremacy and stifle free speech. The fat-cat 1% of the corporate world, so to speak.

This guy even points out that much of the piracy software was widely distributed by current SOPA supporters, who profited from it, in an internet control conspiracy.

Despite his finger pointing enthusiasm, he does make a good point. And it wouldn’t be the first time that large corporations conspire to profit. Personally I am inclined to believe that the current SOPA supporters highlighted in the video may not have concocted an evil conspiracy, but simply profited from sharing software, and balked from it when profits later became threatened.

Regardless of the way in which illegal sharing arrived, we do have to admit that the internet has become a place where accessing someone else’s work, movie, music, etc is rampant. Like the picture in this article? I got it from Techno Surfer.

While those in the music and movie industry champion SOPA as much needed reform. For marketers, bloggers, music enthusiasts, and any internet user, SOPA is downright frightening.

For those of us addicted to the internet, I’m not sure what’s scarier- SOPA or functioning without Google and Facebook.

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What are your predictions for SOPA? Do you think it is a needed act or an abuse of civil liberties?


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