So you’ve got your Facebook page setup, have been actively posting compelling content and have engaged with your audience, now what? Analytics of course.  Understanding how to navigate and use the data provided by Facebook Insights is key to taking full advantage of Facebook Fan Pages.

Insights is an analytics platform designed specifically to aid in analyzing data to determine the effectiveness of posts and updates.  Insights is available only to Facebook page administrators, which is easily found in the navigation tool box. Clicking on the link will take the page administrator to a sub-menu that includes the categories of Fans, Reach, and Talking About This. A dashboard is also available, giving the page administrator an overview of all its page activity.


Facebook Insights in Action

Facebook Insights in Action

The dashboard includes four metrics – “Total Likes”, “Friends of Fans”, “People Talking About This”, and “Weekly Total Reach”. A total number is listed under each metric. Weekly tracking indicates total visits under each metric, as well as a comparison from the previous week showing an increase or decrease in each metric.

“Total Likes” are the total number of people who have clicked like on the page. “Friends of Fans” communicates the total number of users that are friends with those who are fans of the page. This signifies the additional potential of customers that a business can reach. “People Talking About This” is the total amount of people who have commented, shared a post, or liked a business’ page. “Weekly Total Reach” signifies the amount of people that have viewed content on the business’ page, or have used Facebook Places to check-in at your establishment. Facebook also provides a spreadsheet option through Insights that breaks down the information into more detailed segments (including Virality) by post.

Use the information provided by Insights to help hone the type of content you post on your page. Does your audience react favorably when you post videos or pictures? What type of multimedia content is most likely to be re-shared? Do questions in status updates result in more engagement than statements or discount codes or other promotions. The answers to these questions may vary page to page, but the Insights application can help provide definitive answers to questions like these.


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