Optimize your MerchantCategory column to increase traffic.

The taxonomy for Bing Shopping’s MerchantCategory is pretty well hidden on Bing’s website. You can download it here. You might recognize it- it’s Bing Cashback’s old taxonomy.

The same tips that apply in our What Is Categorization? series apply to your Bing Shopping MerchantCategory column. Mainly, include detailed category data.

What does that mean?

What this means is to be as specific as possible with each products’ category data. For example, say you’re selling a queen size bed. Instead of using only Home Furnishings or Home Furnishings > Furniture you would go all the way to the lowest level possible, Home Furnishings > Furniture > Beds.

(with no period at the end)

Just like Google’s product_type attribute, Bing Shopping’s MerchantCategory acts like bumpers on a bowling alley. The more specific category you drill down to, the narrower your bumpers get. They help Bing Shopping guide qualified traffic to your products, which means more conversions.

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