A merchant blindly listing on the comparison shopping engines (CSE’s) can be like a father giving his teenage daughter a credit card on her way to the mall. Even though his intentions are noble, his funds will inevitably vanish into thin air while hardly seeing any sort of return at all.

Luckily however, we at CPC Strategy are proud to present a complete handbook, which is the first of its kind, detailing everything that a merchant needs to know to not only get started on the CSE’s, but how to smartly and actively manage their campaigns to obtain the best results possible.

Combining our many years of expertise in managing campaigns for our own clients, the free 21-page handbook explains in detail how merchants can optimize data feeds, leverage bidding strategies, and increase their presence on the CSE’s.

Regardless if you’re a merchant just starting out on the CSE’s, or if you’re a veteran of the CSE’s, or even if you don’t know the first thing about the CSE’s, this book will enlighten and educate, making you more confident than ever in your time invested on the CSE’s.

The free eBook is available for download now at http://ebook.cpcstrategy.com.

About the AuthorTien Nguyen is a co-founder of CPC Strategy and deals with data feeds in his waking hours and often in his sleep. He spends his free time with Rubik's cubes while rooting for the underachieving Raiders and UCLA sports teams where he graduated with a mathematics/economics degree. See all posts by this author here.