What Is Influencer Marketing & Why It Matters | A Brand’s Guide

Look at your social feed today and you’ll find many posts featuring some form of influencer marketing. Breathtaking lifestyle imagery, the latest fashion,… > Read More


Is the Walmart Marketplace Right for You? | The Complete Guide

The Walmart Marketplace offers third-party sellers serious potential for revenues and exposure. As the second-most popular online retailer in the world, Walmart.com brings… > Read More

TrueView for Action: How To Drive Users From YouTube To Your Retail Website

According to Google, 47% of U.S. adults aged 18 to 54 say YouTube helps them at least once a month when making a… > Read More

amazon seller central

How to Become Successful on Amazon Seller Central with FBA

Amazon Seller Central allows virtually anyone to become an online retailer, without having to build a website, deal with SEO or even handle… > Read More

gdpr for retailers

GDPR for Retailers: Expert Tips on How to Prepare for the Deadline

With less than 2 months to go, the deadline for Europe’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is fast approaching. Unfortunately, retailers who do not… > Read More

amazon vendor operations

What You Should Know About CPC Strategy’s Amazon Vendor Operations Program

All vendors focused on growing their partnership with Amazon need to be invested in an ongoing, data-driven process to manage their Amazon operations…. > Read More

amazon seller fees calculator

How to Measure Amazon Seller Fees & Revenue | Amazon Fee Calculator

It might only take one click to buy a product on Amazon, but for sellers on the site, calculating revenue is a much… > Read More

Popfunk: How Licensed Brands Can Maximize Their Potential on Amazon

Logos (much like soundtracks) define famous movies, comic books, tv shows, characters, and more. Just think of Batman. Most people will recognize those… > Read More

amazon preparing for shipment

How to Prepare an Amazon Shipment Plan in Seller Central

Joining the Fulfillment by Amazon program is a great way to cut down on shipping and packing hassles, eliminate the need for costly… > Read More

Facebook Messenger Apps Under Review, Following Cambridge Analytica Data Disaster

Following the Facebook & Cambridge Analytica data scandal (that continues to get more complex by the day), Facebook announced they will be reviewing… > Read More

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