dsn attack

Impact of the National DNS Website Attack on Retail Brands & Cart Providers

On Friday, hackers sent out two major “denial of service” (DDos) attacks, blocking access to dozens of major websites including Amazon, Paypal, Shopify, and Etsy. The attack targeted the servers of Dyn, a cloud-based Internet Performance Management (IPM) company. Essentially what happens when a Dyn… > Read More


Multichannel Retailing 101: How to Multiply Your Sales Beyond Amazon

Access to millions of customers, incredible brand exposure, a host of marketing tools—there’s no question that Amazon is one incredible selling channel. However, it’s important to take a step back and remember it’s not the only one worth investing in. When you… > Read More


The Adwords Quality Score: A Fundamental Necessity

I’m going to let you in on a little industry secret: Google’s goal is to serve users ads they’ll find relevant. Okay, it’s not much of a secret and I probably didn’t need to tell you that – but it’s true. If… > Read More

amazon seller tools

Amazon Seller Tools & Services Master List

The Amazon Seller Tools & Services Master List is 40 of the most well-known Amazon Seller tools and services ranging from inventory management to repricing solutions and multichannel selling. This list is meant to provide a general outline for the tools and services Amazon sellers… > Read More


How Can Sellers Succeed Without Incentivized Reviews on Amazon?

Amazon has a reputation for making swift changes to their TOS, and this past year has been especially full of them–from Amazon’s brand gating enforcement to the most recent “incentivized review” ban. Let’s talk about the latest one–the incentivized review ban. What’s… > Read More

How Amazon Vendors Transition to Third Party Sellers

As an agency, we’re seeing a growing number of Amazon vendors shift to the 3P side of business. But why? To start, third party sellers have more control over their products via pricing & inventory. But the vendor to 3P transition isn’t always a walk in… > Read More


How Canadian Apparel Retailer Mark’s Grew From a Single Brick and Mortar to a 1.1B Brand

If you’re from the US, you might think we’re talking about a wealthy guy named Mark. If you’re from Canada, you know we’re talking about a classic Canadian apparel retailer that’s been around for nearly 40 years. Mark’s started out as a working man’s brick-and-mortar in… > Read More

Google RLSA

Why Advanced RLSA Audience Targeting Is Essential For Your Business

“The evolution of RLSA and advancing the technology and strategy on RLSA was a big talking point at the 2016 Search Marketing Expo & Conference,” Lewis Brannon, Paid Search Manager at CPC Strategy said. “Most advertisers simply apply their standard retargeting audiences within their search campaigns… > Read More

glasses on an amazon vendor terms agreement

The Smart Brand’s Guide to Negotiating Amazon Trading Terms

 Whether you just received an email from an Amazon buyer inviting you to become a Vendor or you’re a seasoned Vendor considering backing out of your agreement, you should know that you have the ability to negotiate your Amazon trading terms and… > Read More


The Death of Last Click Attribution & Rise of Google’s Data Driven Model

In ecommerce, attribution can be a complicated concept for retailers to understand. In simple terms, an attribution model is the rule, or set of rules, that determine how credit for sales and conversions are assigned to touchpoints in the conversion path. Touchpoints can vary… > Read More

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