amazon Q4 prep

How To Use Your Amazon Prime Day Data to Prep for Q4

In a couple months the Amazon Marketplace will be swarming with an influx of holiday shopping traffic. Q4 can be the most competitive… > Read More

What Can We Expect From Virtual Reality Advertising

With Google’s recent announcement that it now has a working virtual reality advertising prototype, the scramble to jump on the VR bandwagon is… > Read More

facebook live ads

Facebook Live Ads: How Facebook Video Monetization Works

Since its inception in April 2016, Facebook Live has become a phenomenon, allowing businesses and users to increase visibility, engage fans and call… > Read More

amazon prime air

Amazon Prime Air: The Evolution of Amazon’s Drone Delivery

Amazon drone delivery has long seemed a pipe dream—talked about, yearned for, but at its heart, a far-fetched possibility. Now, it’s seems the… > Read More

drop shipping tools

Invaluable Drop Shipping Tools & Platforms

Drop shipping (otherwise known as direct-to-consumer fulfillment) gives you the ability to purchase a product from a manufacturer and ship it directly to… > Read More

The 2017 Amazon Prime Day Sales Recap

It should come as no surprise that Amazon Prime members recently enjoyed the biggest global shopping event in Amazon history. FREE GUIDE: The… > Read More

facebook business page

10 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

With the right strategy, your Facebook business page isn’t just another static marketing tool; it’s one that can bring in new leads, convert… > Read More

social media marketing tools

Social Media Marketing Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Manually setting up and maintaining a full marketing plan is not just archaic–it’s also not scalable. Third party developers have been hard at… > Read More

facebook vs google ads

Facebook vs. Google AdWords: Where Should You Advertise?

2 billion people log into Facebook every month, and 2 million advertisers use the platform to reach them. Google gets 3.5 billion searches every… > Read More

set up instagram ads in power editor

How to Create Instagram Ads in Power Editor

Instagram ads give retailers and brands the opportunity to reach 600 million people–26% of whom earn a salary of 75K+. And the best… > Read More

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