How Vendors Can Avoid Amazon Chargeback Fees

Amazon Chargeback Fees For Vendors From packaging problems to technical errors in transmitting Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Amazon will charge vendors for almost anything they can. Amazon Chargebacks are operational fees a vendor will see as deductions from their Amazon remittance checks…. > Read More


Amazon Announces the Discontinuation of Amazon Text Ads

Amazon Text Ads Terminated It feels like just yesterday we announced the discontinuation of Amazon Product Ads and the introduction of Amazon Text Ads as an alternative for sellers to drive shoppers off Amazon and directly to their website. If it wasn’t clear before,… > Read More


How Attribution Modeling Impacts Retail Marketing Campaigns – Video

Multi-Channel Attribution Modeling  In Google Analytics, conversions and ecommerce transactions are credited to the last campaign, search, or ad that referred the user when he or she converted. Most retailers can agree that a large portion (if not all) of their marketing budget… > Read More


15 Questions to Know to Increase Amazon Sales in Q4

How to Increase Amazon Sales This Holiday Season The holiday shopping season presents the biggest sales opportunity of the year for the vast majority of Amazon sellers. During these next several months, defining an aggressive strategy and the flawless execution of that approach… > Read More


Google Customer Match Allows Retailers to Target Consumer Emails

Introducing Google Customer Match For the first time ever, advertisers can target ads against customer-owned data through Google AdWords new feature – Customer Match. Customer Match allows advertisers to upload their customer and promotional email address lists into AdWords.  From these email lists,… > Read More


3 Tips on How Retailers Can Increase 2015 Holiday Revenue

*This article was written by Angelica Valentine, Content Marketing Manager at Wiser. Predictions for 2015 Holiday Revenue The holidays are coming up quickly and recent data from Deloitte has made retailers pessimistic about their revenue outlooks. But not so fast. Even if… > Read More


Optimizing Your Amazon Sponsored Products Strategy – Video

Increase Profit with Amazon Sponsored Products For Amazon sellers looking to expand visibility on the marketplace, Amazon Sponsored Products is one of the most powerful tools sellers can leverage to increase profitability for their online store. Sponsored Products is an advertising platform on the… > Read More


Drive Visitors To Your Site With Display Prospecting for New Audiences

What is Display Prospecting for New Audiences? When it comes to display prospecting for new audiences, advertising is based on the demographic or interest-based targeting, rather than the search intent. Retailers use display prospecting to improve brand awareness and drive new site visitors. “There’s… > Read More


Top 5 Tips for Using Amazon Vendor Promotions & Coupons in Q4

Amazon Vendor Promotions & Coupons Amazon Vendor Promotions or Coupons are one of several promotion types available to vendors who sell their products on Amazon. Coupons are not only a powerful promotion tool, but they also allow vendors to gain awareness and… > Read More


Shopify Selected As New Ecommerce Platform for Amazon Webstore

Shopify: Amazon’s Ecommerce Platform for Sellers Following the announcement to close the Amazon Webstore program earlier this year, Amazon has officially named Shopify as their new ecommerce platform. According to Shopify’s blog post, “As Amazon’s preferred migration partner, we’ve worked closely with the Webstore team… > Read More

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