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The Impact of Brexit on Amazon Sellers

Analysis of Brexit & Amazon Sellers in Europe Last week, the UK voted to leave the European Union, causing a major stir among international sellers. But before we dive into the potential impact of Brexit on and EU Amazon Sellers, let’s recap the announcement:… > Read More

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Which Amazon Mobile App Works Best for Your Products?

Amazon Mobile App Overview for Sellers Amazon’s mobile apps are forging the way toward an app-driven online marketplace, but in the general world of ecommerce, there’s still a big divide between desktop vs. mobile. Even further, there’s a divide between mobile sites vs…. > Read More

adwords offline conversion tracking

How to Set Up AdWords Offline Conversion Tracking

What is AdWords Offline Conversion Tracking? It’s essential for advertisers to understand and accurately monitor the customer’s path to purchase through AdWords Offline Conversion Tracking. In many cases, when a customer sees your ad, they will click on it, visit your website, and make… > Read More

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Pinterest Retargeting: New Additions in 2016

Pinterest Retargeting Tools Update With the rapid expansion of social media platforms, businesses in e-commerce are continually being met with an ever-growing list of marketing and advertising strategies to utilize. New Pinterest retargeting methods are looking to offer the same. The overall goal… > Read More


Live Chat: How to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Increase Conversions with Live Chat Unfortunately, during the buying experience, unique questions and concerns often hold people back from making a purchase. Live chat is one of the easiest ways to address those concerns, so more people are willing to buy. According to Jon Tucker, CEO at… > Read More

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Amazon Mobile vs. Desktop: Differences in Product Visibility

A Comparison of Product Visibility Across Amazon Mobile and Desktop Do you know how your products show up on the Amazon mobile site vs. your desktop? Even if you don’t, your customers do, and it could affect their purchasing decisions. Today, we’re going… > Read More


Maximizing Your Vendor Relationship with Amazon

Strategies & Programs for Amazon Vendors For many brands, the relationship with Amazon is purely transactional – PO’s predictably come and go like clockwork. Yet few brands approach Amazon as the huge growth opportunity that it is by taking more control over… > Read More


A Review of the Amazon Launchpad Program

What is Amazon Launchpad? Today, the digital retail industry is as prominent as ever. With the likes of crowdfunding platforms, venture capitalist firms, and seed accelerators, startups have a plethora of resources at their disposal. While the process of turning concept into… > Read More

amazon retail analytics premium

What is Amazon Retail Analytics ARA Premium?

Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA) Premium Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA) Premium is an add-on suite of additional reports which Vendors have access to through Vendor Central. These reports provide information regarding: Customer Behavior Sales Geographic Performance Operations Market Trends Customer Reviews   As seen… > Read More


Should Apparel Brands Sell on Amazon?

What Should Apparel Brands Consider Before Selling on the Amazon Marketplace? The discussion of whether apparel brands should sell their products on Amazon continues to evoke conflicting opinions from retail experts. According to a recent announcement, Gap is just one of the latest… > Read More

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