How Are People Shopping Online This Holiday? Top Ecommerce Statistics [Infographic]

Americans are expected to spend $72.4 billion shopping online for the holidays this year. Savvy businesses are looking for different ways to optimize their online sales. This infographic from ShortStack highlights a number of tips they can consider. Here are some holiday… > Read More


PPC Advanced Strategy: New Strategy to Outrank Competition on AdWords

In 2015, almost all of Google’s search result page (SERP) space is PPC advertising. AdWords advertisers are increasingly challenged with getting visibility on these pages with limited space, creating a highly competitive advertising landscapte. The average  Google search page real estate (desktop)… > Read More


SEO vs. PPC: Which one is more important? [Infographic]

In June, Jim Yu, a contributor for Search Engine Land, wrote that PPC and SEO are both essential components of most search engine marketing campaigns. But which campaign should you spend more time on- SEO or PPC? Siteber recently created an infographic… > Read More


7 Key Google Shopping Updates Announced Just in Time for Thanksgiving Weekend

Today, Google announced significant updates to their Shopping program – changes which should positively impact how retailers can leverage their inventory on search for the holiday. Below we cover what the more significant updates actually mean. The 7 Google Shopping Updates Addition of PLA Auction Insights Improved… > Read More

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This Week in Retail Search News 11/19/2014

Retail Search Weekly News Recap Leading, Reliable, and Updated News on Retail, Digital Marketing, Tech and Ecommerce Each week CPC Strategy rounds up the leading Retail Search news on Google, Amazon, Mobile, and other leading verticals in one convenient article. This is a… > Read More

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How to Sell Air Conditioners in January (3 Lessons from Someone Who Does)

Last year, Q4 online sales increased 10%, projecting a $41 billion online profit for retailers. Alongside the increase for sales during Q4 is the increasing competition for online sellers during the holiday. Similar to how big box stores open earlier every year for… > Read More

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4 Branded PPC Lessons From Over 250 Brands in Paid Search

This is a guest post by Sam Engel. Sam is the Marketing Manager at BrandVerity, a technology that detects online brand and trademark abuse. You can contact Sam at   The State of Branded Keywords in Paid Search: Branded PPC Study After evaluating nearly… > Read More


Simple Google Data Hacks Online Retailers Aren’t Using to Increase Sales

So you’re on top of all of the essential product information you’re posting on search and inventory channels from your data feed. You’ve got the car in gear and you’re driving. Now what? Let’s put this vehicle into motion, and kick it… > Read More

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Social Media Rules for Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ [Infographic]

More than half of people in the US have a social profile (56%), 22% of those people using social sites multiple times a day (nearly 2/3). American’s use social media every day. 58 million people in the US admit they use social… > Read More

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Data Quality Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore on Google Shopping

Selling on Google? Selling on Amazon? Selling anywhere online? It all starts with good product data. Your inventory data is your foundation for success. You wouldn’t show up to a 5K in jeans and expect to compete with runners wearing athletic apparel…. > Read More

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