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Google Universal Anlytics out of beta

Google Universal Analytics Out of Beta

This week Google announced that Google Universal Analytics is now available to all Google advertisers. Google’s Universal Analytics program has been available to beta advertisers since October, and is designed to address changing user and advertiser needs online such as mobile and cross… > Read More


Why Analytics and AdWords Usually Don’t Agree

It’s difficult to to make confident business decisions when your data doesn’t align. Like many merchants, if you’re running AdWords or PLA campaigns while leveraging 3rd party analytics (usually via Google Analytics), then you’ve probably noticed a discrepancy in revenue and the… > Read More

Google AdWords editor updates 10.4

AdWords Editor 10.4 Update Features

Google updated theAdWords editor  this week to version 10.4, which includes updates to Bids, Search & Dispalay Settings, Engagement Ads, Viewable CPM, images, and import settings. AdWords Editor is Google’s downloadable desktop application that facilitates faster and more efficient bulk editing of AdWords… > Read More

Bing Product Ads Catalog from Bing feed

10 Insider Tips To Seamlessly Use Your Google Feed for Bing Shopping Product Ads

Bing unleashed the Bing Product Ads program this March, which features Bing Product Ads with images to the right of search on Bing SERPs: For ecommerce merchants, Bing Product Ads are a good way to increase online orders, with 510 Million Total Retail searches per… > Read More


Structuring Your Bing Product Ads Campaign

With the Bing Product Ads (BPA) program now a little over 2 weeks old, the focus for retail advertisers now moves from campaign setup to campaign optimization and testing best practices. Of course, if you’re not a BPA early adopter then you’ll… > Read More

Google retires CPA bidding

Google Retires Max CPA Bidding, How To Maximize ROI With Target CPA Bids

Announced last fall, and made official in January of this year, Google has retired Max CPA bidding, making Target CPA bidding the only available option for online advertisers. As an advertiser, or anyone involved in digital marketing, this is significant. Perhaps you… > Read More

Google maps

How Google Stalks You All Day [Infographic]

It is no mystery that Google has infiltrated many aspects of our life.  As Google continues to revolutionize with their products, Google Maps continues to be at the forefront of innovation. Google Maps has dominated with their aggressive data acquisition to improve… > Read More


Heartbleed: Particularly Harmful For Ecommerce?

When I first heard about the Heartbleed virus yesterday morning, I brushed it off thinking, “Pshh. I’m young and healthy. I shouldn’t be worried about any heart virus.” So you can imagine it was a surprise to later learn that Hearbleed is… > Read More


Google Puts Pressure on Bing Advertisers with August Deadline

On March 26th, Bing announced the launch of their long awaited Product Ads program, a CPC-based retail advertising channel similar in format to Google’s Product Listing Ads. On April 2nd, 7 days after Bing’s big news, Google let their advertisers know that… > Read More

Adwords extension update

AdWords Update: Consumer Ratings Extension Gets More Space

Consumer Ratings More Prominent on Search Early this month, we noticed Consumer Ratings are now showing up as a completely separate line item for individual text ads, making them stand out even more for the retailers who have them. AdWords enables advertisers to… > Read More

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