Google Buy Button: Can the Search Giant Fulfill Retail’s Pipe Dream?

As Google enthusiasts continue to speculate about the anticipated “Buy Button”, industry experts share how they envision the program to function and how it will impact retailers. The rumored feature would challenge Amazon’s “one-click” ordering, transforming Google’s custom search empire into a dynamic marketplace. Tien Nguyen,… > Read More


Polyvore: Why Personalized Social Shopping Apps Matter

Polyvore is a unique way to discover and shop for items including fashion, beauty and home decor. The goal of the e-commerce site is to put the phrase, “I have nothing to wear” into extinction by connecting an online community of style… > Read More


Maximize the Value of Customer Calls With Adwords Call-only Campaigns

Adwords recently introduced call-only campaigns, a new and easy way for businesses to reach potential customers by showing their phone number, business description and call button during their search. Call-only campaigns allow retailers to focus on getting users to click-to-call a business straight from the ads. With… > Read More


How to Get a Higher ROI on Facebook Ads Using AdEspresso

Following the announcement of Facebook Product Ads, we asked our experts here at CPC Strategy, “What the New Program Means for Retailers“. Today, we take a closer look at AdEspresso, a start up program offering ad tools to make Facebook Advertising easy and profitable for small… > Read More


Ad Scheduling and Day Parting for a Successful 2015 [Video]

Day Parting, also referred to as ad scheduling, refers to the tactic of adjusting ad exposure for certain hours of the day and/or days of the week by modifying bids. Lewis Brannon, Retail Search Manager at CPC Strategy weighs in on how to… > Read More


19 Questions From Our Amazon Sponsored Products Strategy & Analysis Course – Answered

Since revamping its targeting capabilities in August of 2014, Amazon Sponsored Products has quietly become one of the most profitable and influential levers to drive Marketplace performance. Last week, CPC Strategy’s Pat Petriello, Head of Marketplace Strategy dove into how Sponsored Products work, how… > Read More


Facebook Product Ads: What the New Program Means for Retailers

Facebook Launches New Product Ad Program With the announcement of Facebook’s new Product Ads, the latest product advertising program could lead to groundbreaking revenue for both the social network and retailers thanks to their advanced user-data and targeting capabilities. According to Facebook,… > Read More

keyword research for PPC

15 Keyword Tools for Paid Search Marketers

Below are 15 leading PPC tools to help you identify keywords for your Paid Search campaigns. (In no particular order) 15 Best Keyword Tools for PPC Marketers Successful PPC campaigns are heavily influenced by the keywords you choose. While there’s no exact science… > Read More

what to do when you're suspended from Amazon

Suspended on Amazon? Secret Step to Get Your Products Back on the Marketplace

In a Wall Street Journal interview, Amazon VP Tom Taylor noted  “Sellers report an average 50% increase in sales when they join Amazon’s marketplace and use its storage and shipping service.” Amazon is a profitable channel for retailers, both on and offline-… > Read More

Wiser CEO Arie

Repricing and Ecommerce in 2015: Q&A with Wiser CEO Arie Shpanya

This month I had the opportunity to sit down with WisePricer CEO Arie Shpanya to discuss e-commerce, repricing and the evolution of search for 2015. Below Arie, shares his thoughts on where search and retail are headed in 2015, and how repricing… > Read More

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