The Black Friday – Cyber Monday Ecommerce Checklist

Black Friday – Cyber Monday Checklist According to Google’s Holiday Calendar, Black Friday in-store pick-ups rose 40% last year and Cyber Monday became the biggest day in U.S. online shopping history. This year, they anticipate at least a 14% increase in sales for online… > Read More


YouTube Shopping Ads Now Available To All Advertisers

YouTube Shopping Ads Out of Beta & Now Live This week, both of YouTube’s Shopping ad formats including “TrueView for Shopping” and “Shopping Ads on YouTube” are now out of beta and available to all advertisers in AdWords. To be clear, the… > Read More


Black Friday Isn’t Dead, but Cyber Monday Could Steal its Thunder

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday Black Friday is losing its charm. Consumers are less interested in waking up before the sun to battle parking lots full of sleepy shoppers to stand in long lines for a TV that might not even have… > Read More


Identify Missing Traffic With New Google Shopping Click Share

Introducing Google Shopping Click Share Google recently announced a new metric called “Click share” that can be used to help retailers identify when they are potentially missing out on traffic. As seen in the example below, Click share is calculated by the… > Read More

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Expert Q&A on Google Product Feed Optimization Before Holiday Sales Rush

2015 Holiday Google Product Feed Optimization Google Shopping will be a primary sales channel for many retailers this Black Friday, but in order to hit ROI targets and increase campaign profitability, retail marketers need an advanced product feed optimization strategy. Jason Bell,… > Read More


The Pros and Cons of Google Merchant Center Feed Rules

Introducing Google Merchant Center Feed Rules Google is currently experimenting with “Feed Rules” a new feature within their Merchant Center. The beta program (currently available in a limited number of Merchant Center accounts) offers a way for retailers to transform their data directly within GMC. With… > Read More


How to Generate a Higher ROI with Amazon Marketing Services – Course

Enhance Brand Discoverability & Product Demand Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) provides vendors with a number of different tools to help them stand out against their competition and drive traffic back to product detail & branded pages, but in order to see a… > Read More


How to Integrate Penny-Bidding into Your Google Product Feed

Benefits of Penny-Bidding in Google Product Feed Generally, when retailers submit their product feed to Google Shopping- they tend to exclude some of their less popular items. The thought process behind this is – “Why would I want to submit a product that… > Read More

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Promote Real-Time Holiday Discounts with AdWords Ad Customizers

AdWords Ad Customizers for Holiday Promos Most retailers will offer discounts, promotions and special offers throughout November and December – targeting shoppers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Ad customizers – (including the “countdown” feature) – are a great way to effectively communicate the timeliness of… > Read More


Seller Angst Over New Amazon Return Dissatisfaction Rate

Impact of the Amazon Return Dissatisfaction Rate Amazon sellers are experiencing difficultly with a new performance metric within the Amazon Seller dashboard called the “Amazon Return Dissatisfaction Rate”. The latest metric, introduced earlier this week measures customer satisfaction on how customer returns are processed. The rating is based on… > Read More

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