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15 Instagram Ecommerce Tools for the Brand Owner

In the last few years, Instagram has undergone a major transformation, and is now one of the foremost marketing tools in the ecommerce… > Read More

New A++ Content on the Horizon for Vendors?

Although there is no official news release from Amazon (yet), it looks like Marketplace is testing out some pretty cool new interactive features… > Read More

Is Google Analytics Misreporting Your Facebook Conversions?

If you’re using both Facebook Ads Reporting and Google Analytics to measure your Facebook advertising ROI, you’ve probably noticed something: the numbers just… > Read More

google adwords optimization tips

Google AdWords Optimization Checklist to Beat the Competition in Q4

Google/Alphabet raked in 26.06 billion in Q4 last year, and aggregate paid clicks were up +36% from Q4 2015. We’re expecting great things… > Read More

google ad experience report

How Will the Google Ad Experience Report Impact My Ecommerce Site?

Google is taking its role in the Coalition for Better Ads seriously. With the release of its Ad Experience Report—as well as a… > Read More

Facebook Advertising in Q4: Is Your Business Ready for the Competition?

Social is really the only digital channel that allows brand advertisers to target shoppers at every stage of their buying process. “Whether they… > Read More

Increase Your Facebook Advertising Conversions With 6 Actionable Tactics

Conversions are the holy grail of online advertising. More than just clicks or views, Facebook advertising conversions tell you that an ad really… > Read More

google merchant center new feed

Google Introduces a New Merchant Center Feed Experience

The product feed is often one of the most overlooked aspects of effective product advertising due to its technical, often tedious nature. Despite… > Read More

back to school on amazon ad strategy

Sell More on Amazon During the Back-to-School Season

Back-to-school sales this year are predicted to beat last year by +4.0% or $74.03 billion, according to eMarketer. Predictably, many shoppers will be turning… > Read More

Should You Be Using AMP for Your AdWords Landing Pages?

Last year, Google launched its Accelerated Mobile Pages project—or AMP. Essentially an open-source, user-friendly development framework, AMP lets you create customized, fast-loading web… > Read More

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