google text ad options

How Retailers Can Take Advantage of New Google AdWords Price Extensions

Google AdWords Price Extensions 101 Expanded Text Ads. Imported Call Conversions. AdWords Price Extensions for mobile text ads. Google’s been improving the text ads game, and they aren’t wasting any time. “Google has seen the impact of Google Shopping Ads, and they… > Read More


What is TrueView’s YouTube Companion Banner?

Introducing the YouTube Companion Banner The YouTube Companion Banner is a new TrueView for Shopping video advertising feature that allows viewers to scroll through a variety of products while the video is playing next to it. The TrueView for Shopping platform allows retailers to… > Read More

amazon canada

How to Start Selling on Amazon Canada

Selling on Amazon Canada Canada has a reputation for lagging behind the U.S. in ecommerce–and it doesn’t help that 59% of Canadian small businesses didn’t even have a website in 2015. And let’s not even talk about the recent Canadian Union of… > Read More

UPC Codes

Amazon UPC Codes 101

What are Amazon UPC Codes? As an Amazon seller, you should already be familiar with UPC codes and what they entail. There is only one legitimate producer of Amazon UPC codes that exists globally, GS1. GS1 (Global Standard 1) is a non… > Read More

bing shopping ads

Drive Ecommerce Shopping Growth with Bing Shopping Ads

Bing Shopping Ads to Drive Profitable Returns With about 65 million retail searches & 177 million retail clicks a month – about 22% of all US retail paid clicks – Bing continues to demonstrate their impact on the search/product display advertising landscape. With new… > Read More

Facebook App Event optimization options

Boost Facebook Mobile App Ads With App Event Optimization

An Overview of App Event Optimization on Facebook Mobile App Ads Facebook just became a better place to advertise mobile shopping apps. Right now, most purchases occur through apps (58%), but according to Facebook, apps are abandoned by 94% of users about… > Read More

Social Media Advertising Platform

A Breakdown of Each Social Media Advertising Platform for Retailers

Comparing Social Media Advertising Platforms Advertising on social media outlets has become an inherent necessity as the e-commerce industry continues its steady reign of retail-prominence. With advertising options offered through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and many, many more, determining which social… > Read More

amazon prime day 2016 recap

Amazon Prime Day 2016 Expert Recap & Seller Takeaways

Amazon Prime Day 2016 Expert Recap Referred to as the “biggest day in the history of Amazon”, Amazon Prime Day 2016 on July 12th increased customer orders more than 60 percent worldwide compared to the event last year. In the U.S. alone –… > Read More

Adwords conversions

Are BigCommerce & Shopify Over-Reporting Your Adwords Conversions?

Recently, the CPC Strategy team became aware that Shopify and BigCommerce accounts may be over-reporting conversions and conversion values in AdWords. What does this mean for Shopify and BigCommerce sites? “If you’re duplicating your reports, you’re not seeing your true performance on AdWords,… > Read More

amazon a+ content

What is Amazon A+ Content?

Introduction to Amazon A+ Content for Vendors Amazon A+ Content also known as enhanced content is an extended version of the basic product description. This elevated content includes scannable text that explains the features and benefits of a product. Vendors have the option to… > Read More

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