Q&A with Brian Carter Bestselling Author of ‘Facebook Marketing’

This week, Social Media Keynote Speaker and 18-year digital marketer, Brian Carter joins CPC Strategy to discuss  Facebook and the evolution of ecommerce for 2015.  Carter, the#1 bestselling author of  The Like Economy and Facebook Marketing has keynoted and developed marketing programs for companies of all sizes,… > Read More


5 Retail Experts Weigh in on Facebook Product Ads

With the announcement of Facebook’s new Product Ads, retailers and marketers across the ecommerce industry are anxious to see how the program will impact their sales. In a previous post, we discuss how the latest product advertising program could lead to groundbreaking revenue for both the… > Read More


Data Talk: Q&A With Jon Wilson Partner of Retail Scientifics

As Chief Data Scientist and Partner at Retail Scientifics LLC, Jonathan L. Wilson, PhD thrives on helping his clients like Petco, solve computationally intensive problems which require top-notch quantitative skills across a wide variety of business areas.  This week, he joins CPC Strategy for a… > Read More


Global Retail: Which Countries Prefer to Shop Online and How Retailers Are Encouraging Sales

How much money are consumers spending online? According to a study of global retail by eMarketer, retail sales worldwide – including both in-store and internet purchases reached approximately $22.492 trillion in 2014. It is estimated by 2018, worldwide retail sales will increase 5.5 percent… > Read More


Facebook Friend-To-Friend Payments Paves the Way for Ecommerce Platform

Facebook secures another brick in their ecommerce infrastructure with the introduction of Friend-to-Friend Payments. The feature, due to release in the US in the coming months across Android, iOS, and desktop will provide users with a convenient way to send or receive money between friends. How will Facebook… > Read More


Amazon Video Ads Now Visible in SERP

In your recent Amazon search, have you noticed something different? It appears Amazon is beta testing video ads within their SERP. Although Amazon has yet to release any formal information about their latest testing unit, it does bring into question the role video ad… > Read More


4 Retail Merchandising Strategies That Drive Revenue

The Importance of Effective Retail Merchandising Strategies Online retail is growing quickly, but it’s still far from catching up to the colossal sales that brick and mortar stores boast. Why? Well one of the many issues is that 60% of shoppers like… > Read More


SMART PPC Goals: How to Avoid KPI Red Flags & Low ROI

Google answers over 40,000 search queries, every second of the day- totaling 3.5 billion searches daily. Of those, AdWords Advertisers generated $14 billion in ad revenue in 2014. Paid Search campaigns with obvious errors, holes or a lack of optimization could be draining profitability from your… > Read More


Facebook on the Forefront of Retail Advertising with TheFind Buyout

With Facebook’s latest purchase of the personalized ecommerce search app TheFind, the social media giant now has access to comparison shopping technology with capabilities that could one day rival Google’s Shopping Platform. As employees from TheFind transition to Facebook – so does their advanced retail/product based… > Read More


How to Rank for Google’s New Mobile-Friendliness & App Index

Websites that are not mobile-friendly could suffer within Google’s search results due to the latest announcement to expand mobile friendliness as a ranking signal in April. According to Google’s announcement, “When it comes to search on mobile devices, users should get the most… > Read More

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