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4 Bid Rules You Should Be Running on Google Shopping

Google Shopping & Rule Based Bidding Unfortunately, a lot of advertisers don’t utilize rule-based bidding strategies to optimize their Google Shopping campaigns as much as they should. Many times, advertisers think Shopping is just a ‘set it and forget it’ type of management. Typically, your… > Read More

unauthorized reseller

7 Lawyer-Recommended Ways to Combat Amazon Listing Hijackers

How to Deal With Amazon Listing Hijackers If you’ve noticed an upswing in Amazon listing hijackers, you’re not alone. Listing hijackers can wreak havoc on your sales–and if they’re selling cheap counterfeit versions of your product, they could tank your brand’s reputation…. > Read More

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How This Ecommerce Startup Raised Over 850K on Kickstarter by Investing in Community

How Ecommerce Startup Engages Community to Succeed At 8-year-old ecommerce startup Zivix, customers are more than just right—they’re valuable resources for product development and marketing. Zivix is a technology music company that built the Jamstik, a “Portable SmartGuitar”, both hardware and software that… > Read More

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Optimizing Amazon Content with Product Descriptions

How to Optimize Your Amazon Content Optimizing your Amazon content is an intentional strategy that can have a direct impact on your product’s organic search ranking. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about the Amazon SERP and how it works. The Amazon search algorithm is somewhat… > Read More

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The Impact of FBA Seller Strategy on Plugable Technologies

Plugable Technologies & FBA Seller Strategy Plugable Technologies, founded in September of 2009, has successfully established their goal of “building a better device company” – largely thanks to the implementation of FBA seller strategy & automation. Before founding the company, Bernie Thompson worked for 15 years… > Read More

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Utilizing Sponsored Products on Amazon in Q4

Utilizing Sponsored Products on Amazon for Q4 With Q4 rapidly approaching, Amazon will soon be inundated with an influx of traffic as the holiday season closes in. The nearing months can be one of the most frantic, but promising, intervals of the… > Read More

facebook holiday 2016 ad strategy

Facebook Holiday Ads Tips for Retailers Who Want to Stand Out

Facebook Holiday Ads Tips for Retailers There are 3 million businesses currently competing for attention on Facebook. What will make your business stand out in a flurry of Facebook holiday ads this year? “We’re consistently seeing year-over-year and sometimes month-over-month that more advertising dollars… > Read More

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The Retailer’s Guide to Facebook Video Ads

Facebook Video Ads Best Practices for Retailers People now watch over 100 million hours of Facebook video ads on the social platform each day. The digital video advertising market is growing rapidly at 43.5% year over year and by 2017, eMarketer projects that digital video advertising… > Read More

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6 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Successful Retail Startup Piper

6 Insights From Successful Retail Startup Piper Piper is a kids’ computer engineering kit built with Minecraft software, but its success up to this point is far from child’s play. Let’s put it this way: Piper sold 2000 units in Q4 2015…. > Read More


Overview of the 3P Marketplace Is Expanding Its Third Party Marketplace For years, Walmart has acknowledged the importance of developing its ecommerce presence, yet progress has been slow. Despite being the world’s fourth largest online retailer, Walmart ecommerce quarterly growth has slowed considerably over the past… > Read More

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