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Without the time, expertise, technology, and gameplan to optimize their Marketplace performance, most Amazon sellers hit the proverbial “wall.”

The Amazon Sales Acceleration Program (ASAP) is designed to equip professional third-party sellers with a Marketplace strategy focused on ongoing optimization and channel growth, building a foundation that aims to ensure long-term vitality on Amazon and allowing sellers to focus on growing their brand.

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Seller Central Management & Reporting

  • A Dedicated Marketplace Channel Analyst and a Marketplace Strategist for long-term channel direction
  • Weekly Executive Dashboard reports
  • Seller Central account health monitoring & recommendations

Clients receive dedicated agency resources to own all data aggregation and analysis for their Amazon account. Through customized reporting, daily monitoring, and weekly performance reviews, ASAP provides strategic channel guidance for Amazon sellers.


Amazon PPC

One of the pillars of any successful seller strategy, advertising on Amazon is a powerful way to profitably grow sales performance. More importantly, having the knowledge, technology, and resources to diligently manage and optimize ad performance is key to sustaining long-term profitability.


  • Full management of Sponsored Products campaigns across entire product catalog
  • Implementation of bid management technology to scale product-level bidding
  • Keyword/search term harvesting from automatic Sponsored Products campaigns
  • Vetting and implementation of off-Amazon traffic generation opportunities
  • Comprehensive advertising reporting
  • Testing with Gold Box/lightning deals and Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) campaigns


Listing Optimization

Unpacking which search terms are most valuable to a seller’s business as well as monitoring and increasing product discoverability is a core aspect of long-term growth on Amazon.


  • Organic listing rank tracking
  • Product content/title analysis and enhancement recommendations
  • Reorganization of product catalog structure to tune for product discoverability
  • Brand Registry program execution


Content Copywriting

Product content quality is a significant factor in influencing both organic rank and detail page conversion rates. Knowing which keywords to focus content around and having the resources to write out copy for individual ASINs are two challenges CPC Strategy addresses.


  • Dedicated Project Manager to identify content optimization opportunities based on keyword volume, sales potential, and conversion rates
  • Creative Briefing Process to ensure product copy is on message, highlights important product benefits, and resounds with target audience
  • Rich Keyword Enhancements that are informed by (but not limited to) Sponsored Product Keyword Reports, Merchant Words, Amazon Retail Analytics, and Google Keyword Finder
  • Cost-efficiency achieved by leveraging a network of content specialists that have been vetted and QA’ed by our team for clarity, conciseness, and effectiveness
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Amazon & Strategic Business Consulting

  • Continual monitoring and evaluation of inputs that drive Buy Box ownership
  • FBA product efficiency analysis and allocation recommendations
  • Feedback/Review software management and templating
  • New product launch strategy


CPC provides expertise and support in all aspects of building an e-commerce presence, including general Amazon, e-commerce marketing, and brand growth consulting.


“Working with CPC Strategy is like having another member of the team in the office with us. We have worked with them for over 5 years, I can and do recommend them to my business friends.”

– Luke Peters, CEO | Air & Water, Inc.


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